How to avoid loss while trading in stock market

Posted by Ayesha Jaiswal on June 30th, 2017

A stock market is a place where anyone can do buying and selling of stocks to earn profit.Many people have a belief that stock market is a money making machine and anyone can earn money easily, although they can make money if they know how to control loss in share market by smart management of risk. Making money is possible only if you adopt smart tools and techniques of trading.Your approaches should be right and it should be capable enough to give you a profitable outcome.


People invest in stock market to make money easily and fast, but the return needs effective methods to control losses in the market. If your want to stop facing loss in the market you should adopt few effective ways that can help you to avoid loss in the stock market and earn positive outcome on investment. If you don't have much knowledge, you can take best stock tips from market experts.They help you to lead in the market and guide you how to control loss in share market.


1.Identification of current market phase -

This is the first step, you should know on what phase the market is in, you should figure out is there a right time to invest in the market or not? If you don't understand much about market than before investing one should learn what is happening in the market. Because the inability to understand market sentiment leads an investor to adopt wrong strategies and that's why they face loss while trading in stock market.


2. First, observe then start -

Before actually starting, you should observe market patterns carefully. The market pattern is driven by previous day effects, moments of shares in the market, valuations of stocks, overnight movement in the market. So if you are new in trading, don't start suddenly, first try to observe what is actually going on in the market and how you can trade by following current market trends.


3. Trading using “Stop Loss”

Stop loss is a limit where trade automatically closed if you crossed a limit of loss on the security. It protects investors from losing control because it provides a limit of loss on a particular security. It creates a better platform for traders and improves the performance of the investment.


4. Don't go for what people say -

Taking suggestions from experts is good but sometimes what your mind says is also important for you.When we start trading, we talk to people for suggestions and everyone provides their different judgement for better trading. It's good to talk with experienced, but traders should not talk too many people to avoid confusion.


5. Don't be hurry while booking your profit -

Don't show hurry while selling a stock, if the market goes negative and situations are not good in the market please do not sell your quality stocks because we can't predict a single moment in the stock market.One should not sell a stock in panic situations.


6. Never purchase a share based on past performance -

Suppose a stock giving a profitable return in previous years it does not mean that it also gives a similar return in the current year also.Return on investment depends on company performance, development and profit earning capacity. It is good to know about past performance of a stock but it is bad to totally rely on it. For better performance in the market you can take help of financial advisors they provide quality stock tips, stock futures tips, commodity tips and much more to help you to earn good profit.



Investing in stock market is an important decision for traders, a person invest their money having some goal in mind. He should prepare himself for the futures loss by adopting strong strategies for controlling risk. One can avoid loss by following experts tips and latest techniques in share market.

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