Baby Shower Party Favors - Recipe For Satisfaction

Posted by Nick Niesen on November 1st, 2010

Now the party is over it is time to give in return a small token expressing thanks to all those who attended the baby shower gathering
The giving of baby party shower favors is warmly welcomed by all, thus making this a common habit at baby celebrations. Gifts do not have to be expensive. Should your guest list be as long as your arm then do not fret as favors can be bought in bulk therefore helping to cut costs?

Keep the baby theme in mind when choosing what it is you want to give. If it be a fairy tale character, baby toys or animals then it would be nice to implement this onto the token. Jewelry pieces can be given, budget permitting of course. Believe me, if presented with a piece of gold or silver this will be one baby shower party your guests will never forget. Give little mniature versions of the Disney or cartoon character behind the theme of your event, this is another nice way of expressing your gratitude

Home made cookies and chocolates go down well as well as being simple to bake. Pick up a recipe book and put your self to the test by baking your own special little goodies, not only will this save you time but also very cost effective. Gifts in edible form are pleasing and tasty, hence a guarantee of guest satisfaction.

Try being creative in the bakery department and experiment by personalizing those appetizing incredible edibles by pipe creaming them to add colour. Why not have a go at moulding your pastry into teddy bear shapes or gingerbread men. Remember this is your baby party shower gift favor so it is up to you how they will look and taste.

More fabulous ideas away from the kitchen are bathroom novelties. Give coloured fragranced bars of soap or even sweet scented candles. Decorative packaging like gift bags or little presentation boxes to spruce up the favour will put the finishing touches to your thank you present. Candle making kit instructions are very easy and simple to follow so it is worth considering making your own in shades of pink and blue. This is a safe bet if the baby gender is unknown.

Small guilt edged photo frames containing a momentous photo of the day can be given and then replaced at a later date with a picture of baby when he/she are born. The options are endless. Whatever you choose to give as party baby gift favors is entirely up to you, the way you give it is another thing. Hand it over with a smile and in return your guest will do the same.

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