The Screen Makes The Picture In A Home Theater System

Posted by Nick Niesen on November 1st, 2010

The fun and excitement of the home theater system is to have a perfect picture. The perfection in the picture can be brought by using a home theater system with a projector and an actual screen. Therefore, you can easily have real fun and excitement of theatres by having perfect home theatre with a projector and a screen. But it is always recommended that before going to have a perfect home theatre projector or a screen, you should always survey the market as there are many companies that offer different types of projectors and screens.

Types Of Home Theatre Screens

The following are the three different types of home theatre screens in the market with varying features to meet your requirements.

1 - Fixed Home Theatre Projector Screen: Fixed Home Theatre Screen is a simple type of a screen which is used commonly. It is designed in such a manner that it can be easily mounted permanently on the wall. The disadvantagee of this screen is that you cannot change its setting or position after it gets fitted or mounted on the wall. It is composed of a fabric stretched onto a wooden or an aluminum frame held with fasteners giving rise to a smooth and wrinkle free surface.

The mounting of this screen on the wall helps in hiding the connected wires and cables; hence giving rise to a very neat and clean connection. In this screen, the speakers are present either at the back side or at its side. If you are planning to keep the speakers at the back side of the screen, then go for a transparent screen fabric as it will help in maintaining the acoustic sound by the passing of sound through the transparent fabric of the screen.

2 - Tripod Home Theatre Projector Screen: These types of screens are portable; that is they can be carried as they are attached to a tripod and can be folded easily. These types of screens are generally used for presentations in meetings, trainings, etc. These screens are not designed for movie watching. They are cheaper as compared to the standard home theater projector screen.

3 - Wall Mounted Retractable Home Theater Projector Screen: These are the wall mounted screens that can be pulled down when required. These screens can even be mounted to the ceilings. These screens are bit expensive as compared to that of fixed home theater screens. They are best for less spacious homes or area. These types of screens are generally used in schools by using an overhead projector.

Big Screen TVs

As compared to home theaters, big screen TVs are affordable by an average person therefore their demand is increasing tremendously. There are three types of big screen TVs.

1 - Big Screen Digital Projection TV: It gives crystal clear and bright pictures. One can easily get a 100 inches TV screen for approximately $ 2000.

2 - LCD TV: These types of TVs are ultra thin and light weight. There are many models of LCD TVs that can be mounted on the wall. They are expensive as compared to digital projection screen TV.

3 - Plasma TV: Plasma TV ranges from 40 inches to 60 inches and their picture clarity is marvelous.

It is always recommended to have a proper survey of the market before making a purchase of a projector or a big screen TV to make sure your purchase is from a reputable company.

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