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Posted by Rebeka Sparrow on July 19th, 2017

It comes a time when homeowners or business owners have to choose what flooring material to install within their property. On the market these days you can certainly find many options and when you ask around, each person will tell you what they have installed and if they recommend the product or not. Those that have cork flooring have given a lot of positive feedback and it is very easy to understand why. As a matter of fact, cork is suitable for those searching for the best basement flooring.

So why choose cork flooring after all? To begin with, it is important to go through the material’s characteristics to see why it is so appreciated and recommended. The material comes from the bark of cork oak tree and the best part is that the tree is not damaged during harvesting and in a short period of time, more material will be available. It is an eco-friendly alternative to hardwood flooring and it does have some unique features, making it suitable for the best basement flooring in the same time.

One of the greatest qualities is durability. Once properly installed, floors can withstand for long periods of time, up to 40 years and even longer, as long as proper maintenance is assured. Cork flooring is impermeable, a reason why it makes sense to choose it for the best basement flooring, but in the same time, it is very resistant to scratches and cracking. Even hen heavy furniture is placed on the floor and moved after a while, indentations left behind will bounce back, making the material look just like at the beginning.

Cork flooring is highly versatile and it can be found in many colours and patterns, sizes and styles. You can find tiles or planks and you can achieve the desired look without making any compromises. No matter if you want your property to be welcoming, cosy, modern or such, you can achieve all these styles without problems. There is an option for every situation and manufacturers nowadays make everything possible to please every request and need, satisfying their customers in every way. You can find cork tiles with ease, as they are available through many providers and distributors.

The flooring type you choose can influence your health in a great deal, and cork tiles are highly beneficial from this point of view. Cork is resistant to mould and mildew and to microbes and insect infestations. The air quality within a property is not influenced in a negative manner, on the contrary, it will be improved, as no volatile organic compounds are produced. These properties help in case of a fire, as no harmful gasses are produced either. In terms of comfort, it could not get any better, as you can walk comfortably on cork flooring and a warm atmosphere will be spread around the house or commercial space.

Have you given some thought about  cork flooring  or are you familiar with this type of material? It can be installed easily and it is highly recommended for those seeking the  best basement flooring  .

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