Points to consider before choosing credit unions over Portland banks

Posted by Rebeka Sparrow on July 26th, 2017

Not so long ago the Credit Union National Association or CUNA of the U.S.A published a report which speaks in no favorable terms about banks in Portland Oregon. It reported a rise in membership in credit unions to a staggering 3.7 million in the year 2015. Well, that doesn’t speak so highly about the popularity of Portland banks, does it? Among other reasons, the significant ones include comparatively lower interests on savings, higher fees for services and high rates on loans in general. Customers pledge on the ease of transaction and long-term benefits of joining a local credit union over turning to a bank.

There has been a paradigm shift in Portland financial structure, with Portland banks continuing to lose customers to credit unions. However, making a decision about saving or spending your finances takes a lot of thought and comparative analyses. We will help you with this. First of all, an unimpressive credit history may not stand good with the banks but the credit unions will take you in. This is because the latter is a smaller and more member-focused institute than banks. There have been many such instances. Moreover, when you are a long-term member with good standing, credit unions will also consider any issues regarding small financial matters, for which the banks will, in no uncertain terms, impose a huge fine.

Customer service being the watchword banks in Portland Oregon are failing to stand up to the superior services offered by credit unions. A survey done by the American Customer Satisfaction Index indicates the same, with the average points being greater than banks. Why is this? Somehow banks are losing out owing to their size and objective. Being smaller and location focused and being not-for-profit organizations, credit unions in Portland place offering affordable service over gaining profit from their customers.

If you wish to escape from the constant hurdle of maintaining minimum balance requirements at Portland banks then the credit unions give you a fair opportunity. Save a few, almost all the credit unions offer membership without having to secure a minimum balance. In addition, a membership with the credit union may in all terms result in higher savings when compared to that of a bank. Instead of raising fees the credit unions cut down on their offerings. While this may seem to be a little disadvantageous in the short term, the long-terms benefits are reaped only by the customers. Such actions are not just rare but unheard of in case of banks in Portland Oregon.  

The winning shot that credit unions have taken against Portland banks is that the customers do not have to go through unending documentation complications for becoming a member. Opening a credit account or savings account is just a few easy steps away. A free checking account with banks in Portland Oregon may lead to quiet a number of expenditures like signature debit card purchases and a number of checks and deposits. On the other hand, the same free checking actually comes at free of cost with a credit union. Talking to your local credit union representative may be helpful in ascertaining the above mentioned points.

There are reasons that have resulted in  Portland banks    becoming less popular than credit unions. Consider these points before choosing to enter into a long-term relationship with credit unions over  banks in Portland Oregon .

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