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Posted by Nick Niesen on November 1st, 2010

Can you guess what the tactic is?

Okay, I'll tell you. A very powerful tactic, that you need to be using right now with your pay per click campaigns, is to Bid High.

So what you might be saying? Heard it before?

Thing is, it is SO effective when used properly that it almost can't be denied. On the flip side, when used incorrectly, its like throwing your money down a bottomless pit.

So how do i do it right, you might be asking? Glad you asked. It depends upon which pay per click search engine of choice you are using. Lets stay with the big two, Google Adwords and Yahoo! Search.

With Google Adwords you must combine a high bid price with a well written and compelling ad. Google rewards relevant ads with a lower price per click. So, therefore, you might start out paying a high price per click, yet if your ad is specific and cleverly written, which should get you frequent clicks, this cost per click will decrease dramatically. The key here is patience, and to not panic if you are spending a lot in the first few days, along with testing and refining. Once you are receiving a great click through rate, the initial price you was paying per click should be slashed. Naturally, you must calculate whether your sales conversion rate makes this economic even with the dramatically lowered pay per click price. But more often than not, assuming your sales letter is good, this will be the case.

So what makes a good pay per click ad, you might be wondering?

Relevancy and something that grabs the attention of the visitor. If your product is about office desks, make very sure the ad mentions office desks in the title and body of the ad! Also you need a 'hook' within the ad, which attracts the interest or curiosity of the searcher. For instance, 'Read the Real Truth on Office Desks'.

Using this method, high price plus great ad, should give you a high ranking in the search engine pay per click listing for keyword phrases you have chosen.Thereby, giving you an important online search presence for your product, whether you own, or as an affiliate, for a reasonable and profitable cost.

Again, remember you will need to test sales conversion to discover whether the campaign is profitable or not. Because, no matter how fine the click through rate is, and how far it lowers your cost per click price, if sales are converting badly, it won't be profitable.

Okay, so that is Google Adwords. So what about Yahoo! Search?

Well, it works somewhat differently. There the highest bidder always ranks top.

So the trick there is to slowly increase your bid, until other bidders on the same keyword phrases feel the heat and give up. Or, alternatively, put in a wildly high bid and scare off the competition, who can't or won't match you. They will back off, and you will pay only a penny more than the next highest bidder is prepared to go.

The higher you are ranked, the more sales generally you will get. Look at it this way. Would you prefer to pay ten cents a click and get one sale a month, or fifty cents a click and make thirty sales? With Yahoo! Search the conversion ratio is even more important, since you generally pay more per click to attain the highest rankings.

So, are you ready to dominate the Pay Per Click Wars?

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