A Quick Look At The Work Visa Processing Procedure Of Saudi Arabia

Posted by Alick Willson on August 9th, 2017

There are various lucrative jobs available abroad and many people look for jobs abroad as there are various wide ranges of scope available for one. There are amazing job offers of hospitality jobs in Gulf. These jobs require trained professionals and those who have got required skills can apply for these jobs. Those who are in the hospitality sector can take a look at various hotel jobs in UAE as well. Another country that offers great job prospects is Saudi Arabia.

To work in Saudi Arabia, one requires work visa, in order for one to work legally. The Saudi visa processing time can differ from one country to another and this is why one will need to check with any reputed recruitment agency and also with the Saudi Embassy.

This article will only cover the work visa processing and the documents to submit for Saudi Arabia only. The hotel jobs in UAE require one to follow different set of rules and regulations.

One will first need to apply for a legitimate and good job that is offered by any reputed employer in Saudi Arabia. There are various reputed and legitimate recruitment agencies that one can approach. The visa for work purpose will be endorsed on the name of the candidate. One will need to do the required medical checkup and provide the medical report for the visa application to the embassy.

One should also make sure that the passport is valid when one is applying for the visa. The passport should have a validity of at least six months. There should also be blank pages in the passport. The photo of the passport should be a recent one and it should be with a white background. The photo should have the candidate facing the camera directly and the photo should not be taken from any other angles or from the side as these types of photographs are not accepted. The face of the candidate should not be hidden with any type of accessory.

The application form should be completed with proper and accurate information. When signing the contract, one will need to read the contract properly and understand it before signing it. The employer will provide with three copies of contract to the candidate. The candidate should also need to provide with attested copies of the degree or diploma and other educational certificates. The certificates will need to be notarized by the Saudi Arabian Consulate of the candidate’s country. The candidate will need to provide around three copies of the medical report from any designated clinics. The medical report should be a recent one. The candidate will also need to provide around 2 copies of lab report.

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