Signs You Need a New Water Pump

Posted by Eric Gadin on August 12th, 2017

Motor vehicles are built upon small parts doing big jobs. Consider your engine. It is likely the most important machine within your car, truck, or SUV, but it is not made up of one or two components, but thousands. Some engines have over 14,000 different parts to keep them operational. If just one of these parts, such as the water pump, fails, then the entire engine could grind to a halt.

What Is the Function of a Water Pump?
The water pump, such as Flotec Water Pumps, is an essential part of an operational motor vehicle engine. With a water pump, the car’s engine can cool efficiently and effectively, even when you drive long distances. Without a water pump, your car’s engine will overheat within a short period of time.

As your engine runs, the friction between gears, parts, and other components generates heat. If this heat continues to build without a cooling mechanism, it isn’t long before the engine overheats and stops functioning. To prevent this, the engine has coolant passages among its other components. Coolant is pushed through these passages and dissipates heat; the liquid is then sent through the radiator, where the buildup heat is removed from the vehicle.

The water pump moves the coolant back to the engine so that the process can begin again.

When to Replace Your Water Pump?
As with all components of a vehicle, the water pump will experience wear and tear. Most people become aware that their water pump requires attention because the “check engine” light becomes illuminated on their vehicle’s dashboard. Sometimes this apparent and prominent warning goes ignored.

Another indication that your water pump is not functioning properly is a rise in your engine temperature. There is a gauge on your dashboard that shows the actual temperature of your engine at any given moment. If this gauge steeply or steadily rises, it indicates a problem with your engine’s cooling system. One component a mechanic is certain to check for malfunction is the water pump.

While these warnings are helpful indicators that you need to replace the water pump on your vehicle, it is best if you have your water pump replaced ahead of time. Typically, a water pump lasts between 60,000 and 90,000 miles. That is a lot of driving but is certainly less than the lifespan of most vehicles. If you purchase a used car or notice your mileage pass this point without a water pump replacement, it is time to contact a mechanic.

What Are Other Signs a Water Pump is Failing?
There are other, less apparent, signs that your water pump needs replacement with a preferred brand, such as Flotec Water Pumps. One of these signs is noticeable noise coming from under the hood of your car. While noise within the engine, radiator, or transmission can indicate some problems with the vehicle, keep a possible problem with the water pump in mind.

If the water pump is causing this ruckus, it will make a squeaking or groaning noise.

Lastly, leaks from the engine compartment are an indication that a new water pump is needed. There are quite a few liquids that keep your car running in peak form, and it is necessary to identify which one is leaking to diagnose the problem. In the case of a malfunctioning water pump, the engine or radiator will leak coolant.

Coolant is either green or orange, depending on the brand and type of coolant used in your vehicle. You can also check your coolant level, within the coolant tank, for signs of a leak. If the coolant is leaking overnight or after parking your car for a period of time, it is a sign the water pump needs replacement.

Where to Find a Reliable Water Pump?
The water pump performs an essential role in your vehicle’s engine. Ensuring the water pump is in high working order at all times is important, and that begins with purchasing a quality water pump. Flotec Water Pumps from are high-performing and long-lasting. Visit our online store or contact us today to learn more about these reliable water pumps.

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