Spiral jack The appearance of the spindle

Posted by yipengjack on August 16th, 2017

Lifting accouterment is an important apparatus and accessories for Spiral jack avant-garde automated enterprises to apprehend the mechanization and automation of the accumulation process, to abate the abundant chiral activity and advance the activity productivity. Cranes are an important absolute abject for automatic operations and are the capital anchored assets in some automated enterprises. For automated and mining enterprises, anchorage terminals, abject depots, architecture sites, as able-bodied as abyssal development, amplitude aeronautics and added departments, the crane has become a above agency in the production, in the accumulation of able work, aggregate a reasonable alignment of accumulation accumulation and automatic baptize operations Based, is one of the important signs of avant-garde production. In one of the key positions to access one or two appropriation equipment, activity abundance will abound exponentially.

In the absolute production, we will consistently appointment some abundant altar such as apparatus tools, abundant boxes, downhole clue and so on in the absence of appropriation accessories to move or lift the situation, it is difficult to accomplish alone by the workers, At this time we charge to use the jack. Jacks are carefully accompanying to our lives and are broadly acclimated in assorted industries such as construction, railway, car aliment and so on. Therefore, the development of jack technology will anon or alongside affect the accustomed operation and plan of these departments. Circling jack is a jack, circling jack is by the animal through the spiral abetting drive, its bunched structure, low cost, simple to use to carry; to abiding abutment abundant objects, the best weight has accomplished 100 tons, broadly used.

Spiral jack use automated transmission, Floor Transmission Jack mainly cover screw, handle, base, spiral sets, alternating rods, locations and added accumulation fabricated of. Circling jack The actualization of the arbor with chromium can access the account life; its acme is low, acceptable for accepted attenuated amplitude operation requirements, Yang Cheng short, can be acclimated several times the pad, it is by the man through the spiral abetting drive, its anatomy Compact, low cost, simple to use and carry; can abutment abundant altar for a continued time, the best weight has accomplished 100 tons, the use of added extensive.


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