4 Hot Tips for Finding Sizzling Deals on Restaurant Kitchen Equipment

Posted by Joseph Rubino on August 17th, 2017

If you’re entering the restaurant business, you’ve undoubtedly confronted the need for quality Restaurant Kitchen Equipment. As an aspiring restaurateur, you definitely know that buying new equipment is no matter to take lightly! Acquiring kitchen equipment can run up bills in the tens of thousands if you are not careful, and that’s no way to start off a business! The fantastic news is that there are tons of ways to find incredible deals on restaurant kitchen equipment that will serve your kitchen well and pave the way to success for you and your business.

1. Be Shrewd, and Don’t Be Afraid to Say “No!”
When beginning your restaurant career, you’ll undoubtedly encounter salespeople from various organizations offering you all kinds of deals on various products. Being such a large ticket item, restaurant kitchen equipment dealers are likely to keep an eye out for starting businesses and offer you all kinds of tempting deals on financing. Don’t be afraid to turn them down if there is a better deal for you. Your kitchen comes first. If you need to consider other options, tell salespeople to wait and don’t fall for high-pressure sales. If they’ve got a deal, they’ll still have the deal when, or if, you come back.

2. Seek out Those With Experience
It's a simple fact that there are restaurateurs out there who have more know-how than you do, simply from experience. Seek out these sources! Industry-respected magazines, community forums, and even online review magazines can help you connect with those people who have walked the road to success in the restaurant business before. Their insight will be priceless, and they likely will be able to point you in the direction of a trustworthy restaurant kitchen equipment dealer.

3. Buy Online
Buying large items online is becoming more and more feasible with each passing day. Many online dealers, due to savings in operating costs associated with brick-and-mortar businesses, are now able to offer free or heavily reduced shipping even on large pieces of kitchen equipment like grills or fryers. Shopping online means that you can instantly compare prices and product offerings, choosing the site that fits your needs best.

Buying online is the way of the future. Online stores often have the best prices because they have no need to add shipping steps to brick-and-mortar locations, and may not even have to warehouse their own goods. If that fact doesn’t seem like much, simply take a look at the prices of equipment online. Name brands are being sold online for considerably cheaper than in person!

4. Buy Used
Buying used is by far the most important piece of money-saving advice in this entire article. Used restaurant kitchen equipment is shockingly cheaper than brand-new equipment and, much to many shoppers’ surprise, is often in perfect condition functionally. Reputable dealers often offer functionality guarantees, free shipping, and enormous discounts on used equipment in order to move used stock and save money on storage fees. This equipment is, at its absolute worst, slightly scuffed or tarnished, which is hardly a problem for most kitchens. Kitchen equipment is generally very mechanically simple, meaning that equipment tends to last for a very long time. This long lifespan means buying used is incredibly wise; used equipment is very unlikely to have any issues with its functionality whatsoever.

Following these four tips will give you an advantage over the competition in a very real way. The food service industry is notably competitive and finicky, so having a financial advantage from the get-go can mean weathering an off-season better than your competition or being able to meet a sudden influx of tourists (with extra cash to spend) with style!

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