5 Printing Problem in Canon Printer with Their Fixes

Posted by Martha Smith on August 19th, 2017

Printers are amazing if they work smoothly but they are equally frustrating if they start showing tantrums. Canon has work well on its printers to make it easy to use for people. The company has tried their best to deliver the error free printer to user but despite all their efforts, some or the other issue keep on bothering. It doesn’t matter which printer you are using (Inkjet printer or Laser Printer) you will face some issues while using it. At times user start facing problem with the machine when it gets old, but on other occasion we have seen users who say they are having trouble in handling their new machine. We are going to discuss some issues that you will face with Canon printer, no matter if it’s new or old.

  1. Ghosting: The problem of Ghosting occurs due to power outlet that is supplying power to the printer. In Ghosting although you get the print of the image properly but a lighter image also prints elsewhere, as if it’s making a shadow, or you are seeing a ghost of the image. To fix the issue check your power outlet by connecting any other printer.
  1. Paper Jam: I think this is the most common issue that irritates the users. The reason varies for paper jam issue, maybe you are using wrong type of paper or the paper stack is not kept properly in the tray. You should check these two things first to resolve this issue. You might have to replace the roller to fix the issue. Anyways, if you have paper jam them make sure you pull the paper in the direction of paper path, as otherwise it can damage the printer.
  1. Printer is displaying 79 error messages: Error 79 occurs because of the problem with the network print server that service the printer. To fix the error open your printer folder from the start menu to make sure no job is pending. This error also occurs because of failure of add-on components. Remove all add-ons and then add them one by one to see which one is at fault.
  1. Faded Images: Faded images can happen if the printer is low on toner, the print density is too slow or if Economode printing is turned on. Economode gives light print so turn it off or set print density higher. And if the problem is of low toner then you have to replace the cartridge of the printer, or shake the toner to equalize the level.
  1. Can’t print on envelops: Mostly laser printer have problem in printing on Envelops. You need to choose an envelope of 20-lb paper in weight and thickness, and see to it that the adhesive on the envelope can withstand the heat produced by printer while printing.

You will able to resolve the above issues easily if you just stay a little more aware of the issue. You can also avoid these issues by maintaining your printer well. Repair it periodically for better performance. However, if you are getting any other issue while using Canon printer then please get in touch with us at Canon Printer Helpline Number UK immediately to find resolution.

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