Reasons why Diamonds are Bad

Posted by Laxmi on August 21st, 2017

Diamonds have always been loved by the people. The craze and popularity of diamonds have increased with time and people have started investing in diamond jewelry on a large scale. The increased demand for diamond jewelry has been the main reason for the increased business of the diamond jewelry in India.

Though, diamonds are not new. They were known for their past as well but it is in the past few years that it has seen a tremendous growth in its demand. There is no doubt that the diamonds are very popular amongst the people but have you ever thought that there can be some reasons that state that diamonds are bad. Yes, you heard it right. Diamonds can be bad. If you don't believe us, here are some of the reasons as according to credit donkey which will prove that diamonds are bad. Let us have a look at the following reasons:

  1. Diamonds are not an investment: Most of the people believe that diamonds are real investments and they will get a huge return on it later. But, to bring the fact to your notice diamonds are not any form of investments. They are just any other retail product. If you have invested in diamonds thinking that you will get huge returns then this might come to you as a bad news that you will not be paid half of the amount that you actually paid buying the diamond.
  2. Diamonds are not rare: Till now it has been believed that diamonds are rare and cannot be found easily. But the situation has changed now. With the advancements in the technology and artificial methods, diamonds can now be formed and made very easily. Diamonds are not anymore found only through the natural process but can be made from artificial methods.
  3. Diamonds are overpriced: There was a time when diamonds can only be found in nature and under natural conditions and therefore, as a result it was considered okay when diamonds were charged a higher price. But now with the changed time and scenario, diamonds now can be made with artificial methods in the laboratory. Thus, with the changing time, diamonds are no doubt overpriced in the present scenario.
  4. Diamonds are nothing less than a show off: There are many people who believe that diamonds are nothing less than a matter of show off. People believe that buying diamonds are not a tradition but a modern way tactic to show off their status and living standard in the society.
  5. It's all about marketing: Diamonds are not that much in demand as it is shown by the advertisers. It is all about the marketing plan of the companies to present diamonds in such a manner that it appears that diamonds are in great demand and therefore, other people also invest in buying them. It is all about the marketing game to motivate other buyers to buy the diamonds and increase their sale.

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