Myths about Diamonds

Posted by Laxmi on August 5th, 2017

Diamonds are girl's best friend. The world loves the shine and spark of diamond but still, there are many people who believe in many myths about diamonds. Since the people are not well-aware about the details of the diamonds; therefore, they tend to believe in anything they hear. As a result, they often end up believing in myths about diamonds.

There are many trendy designs that have amazed the people. One such design that has been trending is diamond cocktail rings. The Diamond Cocktail Rings in India has taken the diamond jewelry on to another level and everyone around the world is talking about the same.  It is high time that all the myths about the diamonds should be broken and people should know the truth. Let us have a look at the various myths about diamonds:

  1. All diamonds are natural: Most people believe that diamonds are found naturally and are not made using machinery. But the truth says that not all the diamonds are found naturally. There are some which are created and crafted using the man-made machinery.
  2. Diamonds are flawless: Since diamonds symbolizes love and affection, most of the people believe in the myth that all the diamonds are flawless. Whereas, the opposite of this is the truth. Not all the diamonds are flawless. There are flaws in the diamonds which are well crafted by the machines.
  3. Diamonds cannot be crafted into shapes: It is often believed that diamonds cannot be crafted in the desired shape and can only be used to its original shape and size. But the recent advancement in the technologies has made this possible to craft diamonds into any desired shapes and sizes. Thus, it is no longer difficult to change the shape and size of the diamond into something more desirable.
  4. Nickname of diamonds: Till now it was believed that the "ice" nickname given to diamonds is because of the fact that they are hard but according to the site Machine Design the ice nickname has been given to diamonds because of the fact that they have excellent properties of thermal conduction. Diamonds are a good source which repels the heat when coming in contact with the skin and therefore, give a feeling of cold like an ice.
  5. Diamonds are forever: It is often mistaken to believe that because diamonds are hard and durable they will last forever. But the reality will amaze you because diamonds don't last forever and they do get degrade. Diamonds have carbon in them which makes the diamond degrade with time. However, the diamond does not degrade immediately. They do lose their spark and get degraded into graphite. But, this degradation process is very slow and takes many years to actually happen in total, therefore, we get a feeling that the diamonds last forever.
  6. Diamonds are rare: It was believed earlier but with modern technologies, diamonds can be made from machines as well and therefore are not rare anymore.

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