Big Brother 7 - Week One

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

The housemates have been banged up in the lunatic asylum that is the Big Brother house and one will be leaving this weekend. Here are the ?first impressions? of the housemates during their short stint as reality TV stars thus far.

Pete Bennett
Win Odds: 11/10
Since falling down the stairs to enter the house and being asked if he was ?on something? by Bonnie, Pete has emerged as the favourite to win and at present looks unstoppable. The Tourette?s sufferer is genuine, funny and at the moment is liked by all the housemates despite him not joining one of the two ?camps?. It?s early days yet but Pete will be odds on to win within the next few days.

George Askew
Win Odds: 16/1
George has not come to the forefront as yet in that he has not paired off with one of the female housemates nor has he done anything to rile anyone else. He has bonded with Mikey and appears to be part of the ?in crowd? for the time being at least and should be safe for a few weeks yet.

Mikey Dalton
Win Odds: 16/1
Mikey has emerged from the shadows this week and has taken over the mantle as the leader of the ?Big Brotherhood? following Shabaz?s exit. He has also paired up with Grace and has formed an alliance with George. Originally thought to be quite a boring housemate, Mikey looks to have done enough to stick around until the latter stages.

Richard Newman
Win Odds: 16/1
With Shabaz gone, Richard looks set to revel as the ?only gay in the village?. He sees himself as a father figure to the group and looks set to battle Sezar for the role of alpha male. He has found friends in Lea and Nikki but may find his position in the house precarious after some of the weaker members of the group are picked off.

Nikki Graham
Win Odds: 20/1
Given that Nikki?s pre-entrance video suggested she wanted to find love in the house, she hasn?t made any effort to pair up with any of the available men in the house, preferring to find comfort in gay Richard. Nikki may adopt the role of ?baby? in the group due to her childlike behaviour despite being older than six other housemates and showed during the infamous ?bottled water? scene she could explode into fits of tantrums should she not get her own way. Despite being part of the London nightclub circuit scene, she has not formed alliances with Sezar, Imogen, Grace or George and is in danger of finding herself an early casualty if her behaviour irritates the others.

Lisa Huo
Win Odds: 20/1
Lisa is the other leader of the ?Big Brotherhood? but could also find herself in a precarious position when she is eligible to be voted out of the house. She has found a friend in Pete but her laddish behaviour, coarse language and chainsmoking could grate on the other housemates when they are looking for reasons to nominate people for eviction.

Imogen Thomas
Win Odds: 20/1
Before entering the house Imogen said she would ?make all the boys fancy her? and she has certainly done that. She shared a kiss with Sezar after three days and appears to revel in stringing him along. Should he grow bored of her and if she wanted to score points off Grace, Imogen could also move on to Mikey who described her as ?beautiful?. Bar a short interaction in Welsh, she has failed to bond with fellow countryman Glyn, preferring the company of the London social set.

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