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Posted by Nick Niesen on November 8th, 2010

Entertainment Book is one of the most popular fundraising tools and benefits all types of organizations. During the last year, more than five million books were sold by over 10,000 organizations all over the world.

An entertainment book contains hundreds of valuable offers fro the best restaurants, theaters, attractions and sports events in the area. The organizations who provide these offers introduce new customers as well as supporting community fund raising.

There are number of coupons that provide you with 50% discount or offers such as buy one and get one. Therefore you can find everything you want at the most discounted prices with such discount coupon book. At the same time it helps a family on a budget with $5 off each month at the local grocery store. Because it works both as a consumer and a fundraiser, it is really a worth to have.

Entertainment Book is a great fundraiser because of the following reasons:

1. There is no upfront cost involved that means you pay only for what you sell.

2. You can use these books and can offer them to your out of town family and friends.

3. The local representative shall help you in making the most money with minimum efforts.

4. You can also go from kick off to wrap up in weeks.

5. There are many planning and promotional materials in this book.

6. It also includes free reward programs to motivate the sellers.

7. It provides money saving services to your supporters.

8. You can get these books on consignment and can pay only for the books actually sold.

Most commonly these books are sold as fundraisers in the months between September and January. Most of the times, people already reserve the edition of each year for themselves in advance because there is a huge demand for it when it is published.

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