Overview of Testone?s Stand with Push-Pull & NBS Type Abrasion Tester

Posted by Testone on September 14th, 2017

TEST ONE is a manufacturer of testing instruments. With tech engineers who have accumulated more than 20 years of accumulated technology, we’ve been developing new products and developing new products.

Stand with Push-Pull

Application Field

Capacity: 200gf / 500gf / 2kgf / 5kgf / 20kgf / 50kgf / 100kgf / 200kgf


It is based on each standard.

Product Description

  • This is an equipment to measure the strength of products such as plastics, rubber, film, polyurethane, paper. Low-cost was achieved. This is a stand of digital push pull-gauge, and it is used in the product of less than 100kg.
  • Stand (Japanese / Korean)
  • Push Pull Gauge: Japanese
  • Road Cell Range: 200gf / 500gf / 2kgf / 5kgf / 20kgf / 50kgf / 100kgf / 200kgf
  • Dimensions: Approx. 300×450×750mm
  • Type: AUTO
  • Capacity: Max. 100Kg/f
  • Stroke: 400mm (No Grip)
  • Speed: 1-300mm/min
  • Display: Load Zero, Stroke Zero, Return, Up/Down, Peak, Test Mode Free Mode
  • Power: 220V/60Hz
  • Weight: 30kg NBS Type Abrasion Tester

NBS Type Abrasion Tester

Application Field

Rubber, Polyurethane and other kinds of shoe soles.


ASTM D 1630, KS M 6624

Product Description

  • This product is used to evaluate the abrasion resistance. Primarily, this tester frictionizes the specimen such as vulcanized rubber of soled shoes, PU, etc. to sand paper (40 Mesh) rotating at a constant rate. And, the necessary rev count for 2.54mm (0.1inch) wear of the specimen is measured.
  • High precision weight 2.27kg / High precision speed counter/ NBS Stand Sample is Supplied.

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