Boost Your Confidence in Public Speaking

Posted by larrynabiong on November 21st, 2010

Why others are good speaking in public? Why others are not? Is there a magic formula in combating this so-called stage fright? Here goes...

There is no such thing as a magic pill, or whatever talisman one could get from any source when it comes to overcoming fear of public speaking. So, you might ask... what is the remedy?

Well, how did you learn to talk when you were a toddler? How did you learn to crawl, walk and run?

Yes, you have the innate skills. You learned to talk because you have the facilities in talking. Your voice box, mouth, lips and everything. Same with the manner you learned to crawl, walk and run. You have you legs and arms, with muscles and bones to make you able to do those things, etc.

Just like in public speaking. You have the capabilities in speaking to your heart's content. As long as you have something to say, sensible enough to make valid, sane and effective speech, chances are, you can speak in public, the easy way.

Yes, fear should be set aside. Always remember that you have something to say and, no matter what, you need to say  it. This compulsion, or sort of coercing yourself to tell people would definitely give you reason to deliver one.

You can start by speaking with your family during a family gathering, say reunion, special occasions like Christmas or New Year's party, birthdays, among others.

Getting the support of a family member to get a chance to say something is an effective baby step towards overcoming fear of speaking in public. Yes, you need a mentor whom you can trust in your quest to greatness of becoming a great public speaker someday.

Then, when you have a little confidence after you have delivered a short speech with your loved ones, it is about time to speak in a wider audience. This time, in your community or neighborhood. If you are a member of an organization or what, you can pitch in ideas, share in the discussion and observing others while they suggest, argue and the like with others.

From developing confidence to taking opportunities to talk, you can develop the skills in public speaking and sooner than later, you will be a pro!

Yes, just remember that whatever happen along the way towards overcoming fear of public speaking, you still have millions of chances to learn, grow and enjoy the journey to a well-applauded speech in the near future.

Now, grab your fear by the neck and throw it out the window.

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