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Posted by Simply Home Food on September 25th, 2017

In a world where there are so many different food franchises, from time to time, we need a break. There are times where we could use some good ol' home food. This is also great for our health.

Also, sometimes, we need to connect with our roots, with who we are... fast food, hamburgers, pizza... all of these things are not who we are... From time to time a bite of real Bengali food is better than anything... and for sure nothing can beat this.  

The real Bangalore.

Have you been recently in Bangalore?

Things are changing by the minute. This is not the same Bangalore than some years ago. The city is fastly growing and changing. It is a city that is starting to live faster and the rhythm of life has greatly increased.

All of this has helped fast food chains to rise into prominence in the detriment of something: the health of its consumers.

But, why is that? This is just because people do not have enough time to combine all of their obligations and cooking homemade food. They just can't.

Therefore they start eating fast food... which will damage their health. Is there something we can do? Yes, we can! Keep reading.

Homemade Bengali food at your door in Bangalore.

Since the main problem is that people do not have enough time to cook, there must be an alternative. The solution is, someone has to do the cooking for them.

What if I tell you that you can have food, every day... every hour, ready to fulfill your hunger? It is possible.

What to do when hunger strikes?

If you are hungry, but you are too busy to stop cooking.. also you don't want to keep killing yourself with fast food... then you can always order some really good Bengali food from us... delivered at your home or office, and ready to be eaten.

How do you do it?

Explore various dishes from our wide variety of cuisines and chefs. You can choose from quick meals or combos to big meals, healthy and controlled food. Once you have made your decision, select your dish and add it to the cart. Choose quantity... remember that hunger might strike later, so make sure you can save some for later.

Once you are ready, order your food and proceed to make payment... our platform is robust... you can also pay cash when the food arrives in your door.

Bangalore and good food.

Indian cuisine has a tradition and flavor that can't be achieved in any other part of the world. Why put your health at risk, eating fast food... when you can have the most delicious Bengali food in Bangalore... delivered right to your door.

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