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Posted by AngeloEverton on May 16th, 2011

When you wake up each morning do you feel that you didn’t get enough sleep because your barking dog kept you awake? Your neighbors next door will probably feel the same way. But there are solutions to this kind of problem. You can make use of a Petsafe bark collar to keep your dog from barking all through the night. There is many a kind of barking collar to choose from if you are interested and they all are able to train your dog to keep from barking.

The spray bark control kind of barking collar from Petsafe is a hot favorite among animal rights activists. It is the most gentle method of instilling discipline in your dog and it is also the safest way. What it does is sprays a light mist before your dog and it comes with a hissing sound which distracts the dog and makes him stop barking. The mist could be scented or not. This kind of anti bark collar comes with a spray tank which is lightweight and can be refilled. You can use it for most dog breeds and sizes.

The next kind of barking collar from Petsafe is the static bark control. Here discipline is instilled by making use of static electricity, gentle yet of effective intensities. Don’t get put off by the word electricity which you might think will hurt your pet. The intensity of static electricity that is released is easily customizable. Also, the Petsafe dog bark collars are made with Patented Perfect Bark™ technology so that they get triggered only when the dog starts barking.

Another kind of barking collar that is manufactured by Petsafe is the ultrasonic bark control. In this case, the dog bark collar makes use of noise to distract the dog when he starts barking. The noise emitted might be audible to you or just your dog. When the dog starts barking, it triggers the collar to start emitting noise distracting it in the process. Like the whistle used in obedience school, the dog will associate its barking with the noise and will avoid making noise himself.

The barking collar comes in a variety of types like the Petsafe PBC102 bark control collars. The collar sizes are different depending on the size and age of the dog. You also have dog barking collars for outdoor bark control as well as indoor bark control.

The static barking collar comes in various comfort fit designs for little dogs as well as for big dogs with quickfit buckles. This kind of special ultrasonic dog training collars includes collars for puppies and these weigh just one ounce. It comes with a bark-detection microphone in order to recognize your puppy’s bark so that only its bark will trigger the unpleasant although harmless sound. These can be customized as per your choice of color too.

So if you are looking for a barking collar to train your puppy or dog, take a look at the Petsafe dog training collars right here!

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