High Accuracy Pressure Gauges With Different Pressure Ranges Suitable For Variou

Posted by jyinstruments on November 2nd, 2017

Pressure gauge is used for measuring pressure of any liquid or gas. The range of pressure of the fluids during various processes and operations might be different. Subsequently different ranges of pressure gauges would be supposed to be used.

Pressure Gauge Suppliers would offer different types and ranges of pressure gauges that would be appropriate for variety of operations. Different pressure gauges would have different mechanisms for converting the actual sense of pressure into the reading on a dial through movement of the needle. Bourdon tubes, diaphragm capsules and bellows and many other types of mechanisms would be used for taking accurate pressure readings in the pipelines and in the process vessels as well.  

Low Pressure Gauge would be used to read significantly low pressure across a pipeline. The process requirements would be like that in some cases. The range of the pressure gauge needs to be selected appropriately for various applications. The range of pressure that can be measured through all the ranges gathered together would be vacuum to 20,000 psi.

Different ranges and types of pressure gauges are used for several different applications including process industries, power generation and distribution, hydraulic lines for accumulation, supply, drainage and utilization of water; Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems and even in cryogenics where liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen would be used as fuel to run the propulsion system at different ranges of temperatures for extreme applications.

For various severe applications such as pulsation and vibration; the pressure gauges would be made with liquid filled gauges. Thus the jerk of the pulsation and vibration inside the pipeline would not be transferred to the indicating needle of the pressure gauge. Thus we can keep on getting the accurate readings even in adverse working conditions. We can find appropriate range of pressure gauge as per the actual application.

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