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Posted by yoyocrusher on November 3rd, 2017

Ultrafine Mill is one of the large thermal power station auxiliary equipment, is the main equipment of coal preparation system, mainly used for grinding various hardness of coal. At the same time, it can also be used in cement, metallurgical, chemical and other industries of coal and ore raw materials milling system. Power plant special coal mill is a new type of equipment, widely used in thermal power plant equipment. Lattice type ball mill is broken into a coal and coal machine, it is an important auxiliary equipment of pulverized coal furnace.

Coal milling process is the process of coal being broken and its surface area increasing. In order to increase the surface area, it is necessary to overcome the binding force between solid molecules and thus to consume energy. Coal is made into coal powder in tube mill, mainly through crushing, crushing and grinding in three ways. Among them, the crushing process consumes the most energy. The ground energy fee. All kinds of coal mills have two or three ways in the process of milling.

Tube mill is a very important fine grinding equipment in modern industry, and large tube mill has high production capacity. The difference between the single tube mill and the short tube ball mill lies in the fact that its length is 2-7 times larger than the diameter, and the material has a longer time in the tube mill, the product fineness is uniform, and the grinding is relatively large. In fact, multi bin mill is more widely used than single bin type mill. In the tube mill, compartment plate mill cylinder is divided into a plurality of chambers in each bin, according to the material conditions of fine grinding with grinding body, which makes the material warehouse by fine grinding stages, thus get higher grinding efficiency and power output unit it is also larger.

Noise control method of tube mill. Tube mill is mainly used for coal milling industry, most of the user reaction tube mill and coal mill, tube mill will product a lot of noise during use, now let the experts give you ideas, solve the problem of large tube mill noise. 1, to reduce the noise in the tube mill sound source: from the sound source method to reduce the noise of the tube mill, but can adapt to high temperature control method of dry tube mill in thermal power plant is mainly for damping and insulation treatment on the cylinder body, between the inner wall of the cylinder body and the liner laying elastic buffer, the floating liner technology; 2, in the transmission path of the noise control noise is mainly developed: fixed sound insulation and sound insulation effect is good cover or assembled enclosure; 3, tube mill development trend of noise control: noise control in tube mill transmission path of the noise is the noise control in the field of an important part of the indispensable but, the measures were not related to the transformation of noise sources, and therefore can not be considered as a positive measure. Sometimes it brings inconvenience to the operation and maintenance of the equipment. The most direct, effective and economical measure for noise control of tube mill is to reduce sound source sound: "noise control from sound source."". Therefore, it is the development trend of tube mill noise control to reduce the noise emitted by the noise source directly.

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