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Brief introduction of wheeled mobile crushing station

Posted by yoyocrusher on March 18th, 2020

Tire mobile crushing station is a type of crusher with mature technology and mature technology. In many cases, it can completely replace a complete crushing production line. It is composed of crushing, sand making, feeding, screening, conveying and other systems. It has the characteristics of small size, flexible movement, convenient transportation, wide range of adaptable materials, short construction period, and reasonable design. It is also very popular in the industry. Wheeled Jaw Crusher + Jaw Crusher The mobile Jaw Crusher South Africa Sale to be shipped is usually used in the second stage for crushing and crushing. The vibrating screen has not been installed yet. This model uses a three-row tire chassis. The vehicle body is longer, the hourly output is larger, and the crushing efficiency of the cone crusher is also higher. high. This model adopts three rows of tires, which can bear larger weight and can be matched with larger models of screening machines. The output of this machine is also high and the price is relatively high. Tire-type mobile crushing station offer Shibang machine is a professional tire mobile crushing station supplier. The quality and performance of the equipment produced are good. The key is that the price is also very affordable. It is cheaper than other suppliers' equipment by at least 1-3 million yuan. This is because Our company is a large-scale enterprise, which independently undertakes all the tasks of equipment research and development, manufacturing, production, sales, and after-sales; in addition, the company has large equipment sales, mature technology, and small single equipment profits, so the price is set cheaper.

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