Propane Gas Fireplace and Other Fireplaces

Posted by ThompsonGas on November 14th, 2017

When people face important home improvement decisions like adding a fireplace or another complex system, most make their choice based on aesthetics and leave the technical considerations up to their installer or dealer. While leaving things in the hands of experts may seem like the most sensible way to go, taking time to learn about things you wish to incorporate into your home can prove beneficial, especially when justifying costs and other impacts of the upgrade to your home’s value. Gathering facts about various kinds of fireplaces, propane gas supplies, and fireplace accessories will help you make a smarter decision and engage your dealer in an intelligent dialogue about your needs.

One important thing you should know about fireplace installations is that they involve a great deal of technical designing, especially when choosing to go vent-free. In fact, you may be required to look over some local government regulations that might not allow vent-free installations in your jurisdiction. In these cases, the choice is clear between vent-free and vented gas fireplaces. However, when the option for a vent-free fireplace is available, many find the approach a more convenient choice, especially for home renovations and rentals. This is because vent-free fireplaces only require installing a gas line and hanging the fireplace on a wall. On the other hand, fireplaces with direct venting systems allow for different venting options, which enables the unit to pull air from outside and into the house, rather than compete with appliances that also need combustion air.  

Direct vent fireplaces offer several clean burning gas options, including propane and natural gas. Propane is a good choice for both indoor and outdoor spaces. It is also a convenient option as propane gas supplies are widely available and the gas tank can be installed and located practically anywhere. Depending on your usage and your expected replacement frequency, a propane gas supplies tank can be anywhere between 20 and 1000 lbs.

For homes with natural gas lines, the greatest obstacle is often finding access to natural gas source. Natural gas fireplaces are also attractive options because they use one of the cheapest energy sources available. Another clean burning fuel, natural gas is also a good alternative to propane, where propane gas supplies may not be available. Installing an alternative gas line for natural gas is a viable and affordable alternative if you want a fireplace that uses clean and renewable energy supply.

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