Why SelfCad- (3D software for Students and Teachers)

Posted by Sammy ekaran on November 29th, 2017

Traditional CAD software usually targets a specific audience, such as engineers, industrial designers, etc.

If one develops competence in one product, one can then learn other systems relatively quickly. The various systems usually utilize similar structures and terminology. Most systems require a knowledge of mathematics and geometry.

Typically, such systems are not amenable to self-study and are difficult to teach in a classroom outside of a higher education setting.

Today, because of the great interest and availability of 3D printing, there has been an explosive growth of interest in 3D modeling by hobbyists and students at all grade levels.

There are very few options for this rapidly growing audience.

There are a few weak solutions. The most prominent of which is Tinkercad.

The problem with these solutions is that they are very limited in what the user can do. Additionally, they give the user the false impression that they are learning 3D modeling. They are then disappointed when they realize they really can’t do anything of significance and need to learn an entire different product from scratch.

In a sense using Tinkercad in schools is counterproductive. It is used solely because it was the only option available.

Our research has shown that there is at least a six year gap from grade five through grade ten when Tinkercad is too simplistic and other products are much too complex. SelfCad bridges that gap.

SelfCad provides a complete modeling solution that provides a real powerful solution for hobbyists and students. This is accomplished with little need to know geometry or advanced mathematics. Users then have the ability to move to more complex features and other advanced products.

SelfCad is also an excellent tool for creating Digital Arts and Crafts. It provides a curriculum that teachers can follow with a minimal knowledge of SelfCad. By following the predefined instructions, teachers enable  students to happily create and print beautiful 3D objects.

SelfCAD -3D software

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