Xbox 360's Mutant Storm Reloaded

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

A fun game available on the Xbox Live Arcade is Mutant Storm Reloaded. It is even one my girlfriend will play with me. The game is fairly simple, mutants spawn in a room and you shoot them. The game uses only the two sticks which I prefer over button mashing. The game progress through 89 different boards with several different difficulty levels called belts. This gives the game a lot of playing time. However, the boards aren?t all that different from one another. It was cool how the colors and shapes of the guys varied a little bit from board to board.

My girlfriend enjoyed it because we could play cooperatively and did not get into fights. We played for 8 hours straight the first night we got it. She also thought the graphics looked really interesting and fun. She played a lot of the one player boards by herself when I wasn?t home. And, what's nice about all the arcade games is that you don't have to reload a disc everytime you want to play a new game. I'm a lazy gamer, and just selecting from stuff I've downloaded is nice.

It wasn?t the easiest game to get achievements on but it was just fun. I?ve only managed about 50 achievement points after hours of game play. However, most of the achievements are unlocked in single player and we mainly played cooperatively. If you remember the game Smash TV, it is an updated version of that game. After you play it enough to start getting good it becomes pretty addictive but never ceases to be challenging.

I would recommend this game to just about any gamer. It is easy enough for novice players to get into it without becoming frustrated. It is also challenging enough for your advanced gamer. Even your most advanced gamer will not beat this game in its first night. One of the best features on this game is the cooperative play. Nothing feels better than killing mutants with your best friend.

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