4 Things You Can Store on an HP Small Business Server

Posted by Aventis Systems, Inc on December 22nd, 2017

You’ve just purchased an HP small business server per the recommendation of your friend who’s an IT guru. He will help you set it up, which you are so thankful for because you just opened your new business. You need to save money where you can, and his fee is a six-pack of his favorite beer. Done. Why do you need a server in the first place, however? To store these four things and many more.

1. Software

Nearly all business start-ups suffer from the same thing: limited operating capital. Unless you have an investor that is willing to spend a ton of money, you need to save where you can. One way to do so is to purchase software to load on the network and then license it to each user. Licenses are less expensive than software for each workstation, and everyone will have access to the software on the server.

2. Company Data

You will need to store your company data in a centralized location in the event something happens to you. The file can be secured on the network so you and whomever you designate only have access to it, but licenses, tax designations, state and federal business paperwork pertaining to your company all need to be in one location, and you may as well have that on your server for easy access when you need it.

3. Customer Data

You can also load your customer data onto an HP small business server and give everyone access to the database. This allows your employees to pull up a customer file and help the person in question without little to any delay. Whether the customer is angry or happy, he or she will want to feel important and known. With quick access to the customer’s file, your employee can know him or her.

4. Operations Data

Finally, personnel files, bookkeeping, and other data need to be in one place to streamline your new business operations. Quick access to personnel file makes a 30-day review a snap. Bookkeeping software on the network allows you to run financials to see how you’re doing. Even access to bank accounts makes running your company quick and easy – well, okay, quicker and easier.

Run to the liquor store and get your friend his six-pack. Then, sit back and watch him in action while he sets up your HP small business server. You will be amazed at what this thing can do, and don’t forget to order an extra HP server power supply to have on hand.

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