6 Marketing Approaches to Augmented Reality that are Trending in 2018

Posted by Unlimited Exposure Online on December 29th, 2017

Augmented reality is changing the way that customers interact with brands. The day when the screen experience shrinks down to a pair of glasses or even contact lenses, AR is going to have an even larger impact on the way we live our lives.

In 2018, a number of brands are taking advantage of AR – building innovative releases, finding new ways to penetrate markets, and delivering to the marketplace unique, personalized content experiences.

This year, if you’re interested in building or getting involved with AR, here are some key recommendations to follow.

Buzz Fades quickly so act fast

When a new piece of AR hits the market, it’s never fast before it’s duplicated by others. Any novelty AR release needs to be enacted quickly for maximum ROI. For releases like Pokémon Go, there’s always a window. That said, even the biggest of these releases don’t have a lot of staying power. Being first to market is key for novelty AR applications.

That’s Entertainment!

Its use in games and storytelling has made AR a key development in delivering unique content to players. Building augmented reality that is entertaining is one of the most effective ways to reach consumers. Leaning on the AR aspect of any app or release is not enough. If it’s not entertaining, don’t expect it to catch anyone’s attention.

If AR provides a Solution to a Problem, you may have a Draw!

An AR tool that solves a user problem has a significantly longer shelf life than any novelty. No matter how unique or innovative your AR product is, if it doesn’t have a continual purpose in the lives of consumers, it’s not going to be able to generate long-term popularity or income.

Don’t think Launching an App guarantees you Success

Just by building and releasing an AR app, there is no guarantee of it reaching anyone’s screens. Marketing is a necessity and to be successful, you need to promote, promote, and promote. Sell consumers on how to use your product, why they should use it, and don’t think for a minute that the app sells itself. Any AR release should be optimized and advertised for the consumers you wish to target.

Data is needed for AR

Data powers AR. Be it data from third parties or from the brand itself, you need a pretty solid data strategy to be able to navigate the user database that comes to you. The more personalized the experience, as seen in a range of AR apps, the more attractive to consumers an AR app may be.

Deliver Information in New Ways

AR has the opportunity to update many aspects of entertainment culture, creating more personalized and interactive experiences.

By seeking new ways to deliver information – such as improving on an existing board game or providing real-time traffic updates – you are more likely to be able to target an audience ready to feed into it.

Augmented reality is capable of so much and there are so many categories of use that remain underdeveloped. The next year will likely be filled with several releases that turn tired, boring ideas into new, refreshing ones!

The buzz around AR is not going to fade anytime in the near future. For marketers, finding new ways to capitalize and act on augmented reality’s trendiness is going to see big rewards for those who follow through.

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