Buy the star wars drone to realize your dream of flying the iconic star fighters

Posted by dronessale on December 29th, 2017

If you are a fan of Star Wars franchise then you might have fantasized about flying the X-Wing or the Tie Fighter and most probably the Millennium Falcon. As an ardent fan you must be still young enough to fly one of those exotic fighters and in the star wars drones you have the very model that you would like to lay your hands on. The product however is subjected to inspection before you actually buy it because there are models like the Spin Master and the star war battle drones by Propel available and you have to make the choice between them.

Buying mediocre star wars product will not make the cut, as they may not be able to produce the versatility and functionality you expect from them. It is crucial to make the distinction of you may have something in your hand that will cause frustration.  The star wars models are feather weight and are controlled by a remote control with 2.4 Ghz power. You can also sync your smartphone with the drone using the Bluetooth connectivity and will run the drone with a free downloaded Propel Star Wars Battle Drones app (iOS/Android). The software allows you to run both the training mode and the live battle tracking.  The copter can be flown in both indoor and outdoor environments and will attain a speed of 35mph during the operation.

According to the manufacturers the drone has the facility of infrared and visible light emitters and receivers to use in battles with your co-flyers. For some reason the star wars drone is provided with inverted design as their propellers look down than up which would also mean that the drone is pushed up than pulled. However the design helps keep your star wars fantasy alive as they look very much like the iconic ones. These drones are also available with a few spares and free replacement warranty and it is great opportunity for the Star Wars drone lovers to order one of the favorite star wars drone and pit it against likeminded pilots.  The best place to find them is the online sources because they get their stocks from top manufactures from across the world using best drone technology.

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