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Posted by jjlawfl on January 16th, 2018

Currently, you may enjoy our articles covering drafting a simple will to plan for the future, child support, domestic violence injunctions, credit debt relief, landlord-tenant laws such as what to do if there is mold in an apartment,  filing a false police report, Petit Theft in Florida, Breast Cancer Awareness events, attorney services, Attorney Jacobs’ practice areas, family law matters such as divorce, the equitable distribution of property, social media and divorce, mediation, the different types of alimony in the State of Florida, the car accident evidentiary standards, small claims lawsuits, unlawful detainer actions in Florida, and help with legal forms.

Writing about Florida laws on divorce, Florida criminal law, Clermont Divorce Attorney, and more, benefits readers by offering them a unique perspective on statutory construction and Florida case law. By understanding how laws are written, structured, and their intended purpose(s) and application(s), Floridians can develop a better sense of the intent of the Florida Legislature in enacting these laws. It is easy to fear disobeying the law, but it is often difficult to comprehend the meaning behind the often arcane words which seem to be in abundance, which is why we label it “legalese.” Enjoy our articles as we aspire to make the complex demystified for your reading enjoyment and the broadening of your Lake County Family Lawyers.

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