Overview of Canon Inkjet Cartridges ? Original and Refurbished Cartridge

Posted by Ryan Justin on January 17th, 2018

The canon company is one of the world’s most popular manufacturers of electronic equipment and items like camera and printer. The canon printer uses canon inkjet cartridges to print excellent photo images. The company uses different kind of technology which is compatible with specific kind of printer. One of the most common top quality and quick to complete method of printing uses the inkjet technology where the image are made of numerous droplets of ink and the droplets are released from the nozzles found in the printer head. The key feature which makes canon inkjet cartridges different from other is that the printer head is kept separate from the cartridge whereas in other printer it is mounted to the cartridge. The advantage of this is that each time the cartridge is changed the print head need not be replaced.

With the constant rise in the price of ink cartridges over the years, the most obvious and effective way is to minimize the use of the printers as much as possible. Draft setting in the printer uses a very little amount of ink and the printing is also done faster. Traditionally cartridges combine many colours into one print cartridge but canon printer inkjet cartridge uses separate cylinders for separate colours which enables users to print smarter and longer. As there is individual ink tank for separate colour it becomes possible for users to replace only that particular tank which has run out instead of the multicolour cartridge. There is also a built-in unique low ink sensor head that gives off a warning when the ink reaches near depletion level in the tank.

This technology also helps reducing large amount of ink from going waste as the entire cartridge need not have to be thrown just because a single colour has run out.

With the implementation of chips in their ink cartridges, canon has become one of the most recognisable names in the printing industry. The chip helps to calculate the ink level of the printer cartridge and is also a security chip to stop duplicate ink cartridges. There are basically two types of inks available for printers. These are the dye based and pigment based inks. The pigment based inks is best for paper as it does not blot and ruin when the paper gets wet unlike in dye based. Dye based inks are water soluble and therefore can be easily be erased. It is used in refillable cartridges and is cheaper as compared to pigment based. Canon inkjet cartridges uses pigment based inks and hence is the best in satisfying customers with high quality products. Canon cartridges are also compatible with other printer brands like Epson and Brother.

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