What Makes a Website User Friendly?

Posted by Ryan Justin on March 5th, 2018

When discussing effective website design Warrington, one term constantly crops up- user friendliness. It’s a terminology that many use but not everyone understands. User friendliness is often thrown about as a blanket term for websites that can be navigated easily but in reality, user friendly websites have specific characteristics that make them favoured by website owners, designers and users.

So what does a website design Warrington agency think user friendliness really means and what are the components of a user friendly website?

User friendliness - Usability

User friendliness is often referred to as the ‘user experience’. The experience being how the user interacts with the website. The quality of the experience depends on factors such as: how easy was website navigation? Was the experience engaging and did the user find what they came for? Did the user enjoy the experience? Or did they leave frustrated?

When a user visits your website, effective website design Warrington should guide them through your pages seamlessly and there are several ways in which web designers can make this possible.

Links and Buttons

Links and buttons are amongst the most effective navigation tools when it comes to websites. Rather than having users trawl through pages searching for what they are looking for, suggestive links and buttons can Improve user experience by allowing users to jump from page to page seamlessly.

By making links suggestive, you have the ability to direct users to pages and content that they themselves might not have looked for. Make your website easy to use but hard to leave.

Concise Content

Ensuring that the content included on your website’s pages is important and relevant is crucial. Effective website design Warrington requires web pages to only contain information that is 100% necessary so that they do not appear overcrowded and cluttered.

Also, the experience for users is vastly improved as they do not have to waste their time sifting through information for the relevant parts. When a visitor enjoys using your website and finds exactly what they are looking for, the conversion rate for your product or service drastically increases.

Bespoke Helpful Features

When designing your website, it is yours and the design team’s responsibility to consider any other functions that your website may need. The possibilities of website design Warrington are truly endless, we suggest you consider the type of visitor that you expect to your website and the site’s purpose when deciding on additional functions.

Case Study- Andrews Waste

To give you guys an example of the types of function we are referring to, Warrington Web Design recently create a website on behalf of one of our customers- Andrews Waste.

Andrews Waste is a rubbish removal and waste management service based within London. The service caters to specific boroughs within London and often prices and availability differ depending on where the job will be.

Warrington Web Design integrated a mapping system into the website that allows users to enter their postcode and receive a free quote with the ability to book a date and time for collection. This function greatly improves the user experience as it makes it much easier for them to enquire and attain the company’s service.

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Now that we have explained what it means for a website to be ‘user friendly’ and what the ‘user experience’ is all about, we understand you might be itching to turn your website into a haven for web surfers.

Warrington Web Design are a website design Warrington agency that puts usability at the forefront of web design, our design team work closely with website owners to ensure that their websites deliver in both function and user friendliness.

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