Path Of Exile 3.1.0 Best Vendor Recipes You Should Know!

Posted by james bonds on January 20th, 2018

There are quite a few vendor recipes in Path of Exile and some are more useful than others. Most are in fact not worth using consistently but there are a few that are easy to use and produce more valuable currency. I’m not a big fan of having 10 or more stash tabs dedicated to useless rare items that I might one of these days turn into an Alchemy Orb, but some recipes are just too good to pass. Below is a basic list of vendor recipes you should be using to increase your wealth.

Recipe 1: Let’s take flasks, for instance, the first recipe will allow you to upgrade your life, and there are other flasks which you will find very useful especially when playing in hardcore. In the Path of Exile, you should always make sure that you are using the most optimal flask for your character’s level because it makes a huge difference. This vendor recipe works very simply: you can take three same flasks and trade it to the supplier. It will then trade you back the next and hygiene flasks. If you trade the vendor three blue or magic flasks, you will be giving a magic flask in return. For hybrid flasks, at least one of the flasks must be white or non-magical. The flask you get in return in this recipe is equivalent to the lowest item levels of the flask you traded him.

Recipe 2:The second vendor recipe will allow you to build up your amount of glass blowers bubbles that you will be using on your end game flasks later on in the game. The recipe works by you trading the vendor any quality flask that you don’t need. The combined amount of quality of all the flakes must reach or exceed forty percent, and in return, the vendor will then give you a glass blower’s bubble. And as a general tip, throughout the game, you will often find these quality flasks or superior flasks; a good advice is to pick them up and keep them in a stash until you have enough of them to reach forty percent total quality. Then you can go to the vendor and get the profit.

Skill Gem
I have two skill gem recipes that I want to show you here as well.

Recipe 3: The first one is mostly used if you by accident over-level scale gem. I have used this recipe few times if I by accident have clicked one of my skill gems, they have leveled up, and afterwards, I realized that I wasn’t supposed to do that.

Recipe 4: The skill gem recipe works very similarly to the glass blowers bubble flask recipe. In this case, you can sell your unwanted quality or superior gems to the vendor, and in return receive a gem cutter’s prison more. For this to work, the total amount of the quality of skill gems must reach or exceed forty percent, just like I showed you with the flasks before. Remember that some quality skill gems can be worth a lot and in some cases, it is better to sell or trade them or sell them to other players instead of converting them to gem cutter’s prisons.

Map Recipes
Recipe 5: Here are two distinct map recipes and both of them are very simple. If you want to get a higher level map or if you want to upgrade the existing map, all you need to do is trade three maps you already have, and in return you will get the higher level map. This is a recipe that you will be using a lot when you reach later parts of the game as at that point, of course, you’ll be forming or selling the highest level maps.

Recipe 6: The other map recipe allows you to exchange different items in return for another one: for instance, these items can be a stone hammer, rock breaker or a gavel. It is also very important to note that this recipe is very useful only in the later parts of the game except for one item: Chisel. You can use chisel in the early game as well. At that time you will be doing these high-level maps, you won’t need the low-level maps anyway, and you are making a good trade by selling them for chisels.

Recipe 7: This next recipe is one that I overlooked myself, but I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered it. All you need is the 7-volt gem that you can trade with the vendor, obviously with any wall fragment, and in return, the vendor will give you one wall orb. I really like this recipe because before I knew about it, I was throwing away things I didn’t need or couldn’t sell. Now they are all being slashed and sold for other things in return.

Recipe 8: The next vendor recipe is regarding the accidental wrong choosing of the bandit quest reward. Luckily this is not the recipe that I often use, but I still think that it deserves some highlighting. So, let’s assume that you actually chose the wrong bandit quest reward. To be able to change that you will have to trade the vendor a high amount of amulet depending on the particular bandit quest reward.

If you think some other vendor recipes are worth using be sure to tell everyone about it in the comments below! Furthermore, there you will find the cheap PoE orbs you want, to get more information from our website.

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