How Can SEO Benefit Your Law Firm

Posted by 180Fusion on February 15th, 2018

A surprising 60 percent of American adultssearch for local services using a smartphone or tablet. Law firm SEO services can help you attract new clients by putting your firm on the map. If a client can’t find information about you or where you are located, they can’t hire you. The point of most marketing campaigns is to establish your reputation, attract new clients and keep current clients.


Lawyers work in a contentious environment. That is the nature of your job. This means that occasionally clients are going to leave less than satisfied. Often, they will make their grievances known to the Internet. These bad reviews may hurt your reputation and credibility. By hiring law firm SEO services, you can make an effort to combat these potentially negative reviews with a credible presence and positive testimonies.

Many clients actually do extensive online research before hiring an attorney to represent them. It is reasonable that they would want to make sure they are confident in a firm’s ability to represent them. They often have a lot to lose. Effective SEO marketing can establish that initial trust and get potential clients through your doors for a consultation.


Implementation of an SEO strategy can be even more important than the development of one. Your firm is probably running tight on resources, especially time. Your staff’s time can be better spent working with clients on cases than worrying about SEO optimization. Hiring an SEO marketing company can make sure your hard work is not overlooked by potential clients while you and your staff continue to do your jobs well.

Legal services often require a unique marketing plan. Advertisements for law firms are meaningless to individuals not in need of a lawyer. This means social media marketing may not be as beneficial to law firms as it is for other industries. Law firm SEO services can help you be more visible to individuals actually seeking out your services.

Every firm can provide a unique set of offerings. A seasoned SEO company can tailor a marketing plan to your firm’s specific needs. They can research the type of clients you want to attract and create a campaign that reaches them effectively.

Generally, SEO is the most effective way to reach a large audience in today’s marketplace. It is a technical and often complex marketing strategy that needs to be done well to be successful. It is often worth hiring law firm SEO services to make sure your plan is implemented well.

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