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Posted by Arwind Sharma on February 16th, 2018

The Indian real estate sector has received a big boost through Home Loans. These loans have helped many realise their homeowner dreams. There are many banks and housing finance companies which offer Home Loans. Of course, you need to meet the Home Loan eligibility criteria to avail the loan. Most financial institutions offer Home Loans to the extent of 80-85% of the property value. So, these loans are a great option for meeting your housing finance needs. Now, let us consider the below mentioned factors that impact your Housing Loan eligibility.

In addition, you can utilize the online Home Loan Eligibility Calculator to check how much you are eligible to borrow. It will help to easy your Home Loan process.

Eligibility Factors for Home Loans

  • Your Credit Score

Your credit score is a true reflector of your credit worthiness. This number indicates how regular you have been in paying off your outstanding debts. The higher your credit score, higher would be your Home Loan eligibility. The credit score is compiled by independent agencies like CIBIL and lenders use this score to assess your true worth. Make sure you maximise your CIBIL score before applying for a Housing Loan. This will help you get the loan at favourable interest terms.

  • Your Age

The younger you are, the better you’re placed to secure a Housing Loan approval. This is an important Home Loan eligibility criteria because your number of earning years are more. So, the lender will feel secured on the loan repayment.

  • Your Repayment Capacity

Lenders always look at an applicant’s repayment capacity to assess their Home Loan eligibility. Once you take any loan, you will have to repay the principal amount as well as the interest. Your repayment capacity is influenced by your profession, monthly income, extent of savings, other loans and number of dependents. So, your repayment capacity determines the total amount of your House Loan. There are so many ways to increase your home loan eligibility such as take a loan with co borrower. The combined income will help you get a higher House Loan.

  • Age of the Property

Getting your House Loan application approved can prove to be a bit difficult if you choose to buy an old property. This is because, old properties are subject to structural damage and hence, Home Loan companies will have second thoughts on approving the loan terms. Even if it is approved, you will be eligible for a smaller loan amount.

Once you meet the Housing Loan eligibility criteria, the amount of loan and the corresponding EMI is determined using a Home Loan eligibility calculator. In fact, you can even check your Home Loan eligibility online. With most Home Loan companies going digital, you can apply for a Home Loan online. To do this, first check your eligibility, understand the Home Loan value, calculate the EMI and upload the documents required for Home Loan.


Home Loan companies insist that you provide the necessary documentation to process your application for Home Loan. These documents help is estimating your loan worthiness. Following is the list of documents required for Home Loan:

  • Identity Proof

You can submit any one of the following documents—PAN/Passport/Driving Licence/Voter ID

  • Proof of Residence

You can submit any one of the following documents —Ration card/registered rental agreement/Licence/Utility bills (telephone bill/electricity bill).

  • Proof of Employment

Appointment letter or letter of validation from the HR.

  • Financial Documents

Form 16/Salary slips ( past 3 months)/Income Tax returns(past 2 years)/Bank statement (past 6 months)

Self employed individuals need to submit certified copies of annual financial statements; profit and loss account and balance sheet of the current financial year and also income tax returns  of the past 2 years.

Once the above documents are found to be in order and you meet the eligibility norms laid down by the lender, your Home Loan application will be approved and the funds disbursed to your account.

If buying a home has always been on your wishlist, then you can make this dream a reality. Consider availing a Housing Loan which can finance your dream home purchase. With a host of banks and housing finance companies offering Home Loans at attractive rates of interest, now is the time for you to take a House Loan and book your home.

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