What should you get hosted VoIP or regular on premise PBX?

Posted by PARTIK on March 28th, 2018

Are you wondering whether you should be getting hosted VoIP services or opt for on premise PBX service work for your specific requirements more efficiently? The reality is that both these services have their individual and unique advantages and what service you should finally choose depends largely on your specific business requirements. But before taking the decision, it is essential that you understand how these two options are different from each other and in this article, you will do just that.

Hosted solutions: Hosted VoIP solutions will use third parties to give hosting capabilities. You will not be concerned with the specific requirements of putting the PBX system in your company and it will be taken care of by a third party agency. These agencies charge minimal activation and setup charges for their services, and hosted PBX services are ideal for small business companies.

On premise PBX: On premise PBX requires you to buy the hardware for your VoIP requirements and this hardware will stay inside your company’s premises. A third party will not be hosting it and so it will have some bearings on your company’s finances and office space. You will also have to maintain and take care of your PBX system by yourself.

Comparing the costs: Hosted PBX will require a lower initial setup cost and expenses for operations when compared to On Premise PBX. This will also take up some of your office space. Today there are many VoIP service providers who offer low cost hosted PBX solutions. On premise PBX will require a much larger investment and you will have some extra expenses in maintaining the system also. Thus, hosted PBX systems are more cost effective.

Maintenance: This is an easy one to understand, Hosted PBX solutions are ideal because they are maintained by looked after by the third party agency. Additionally, you do not have to keep any extra equipment on premise for your VoIP equipments. For on-premise PBX solutions, maintenance is a constant challenge. One must have dedicated administrators for your PBX who will manage your equipments. You will also have to hire an IT professional. In the event of downtimes or outages, you have to see that the issues are sorted quickly.

Flexibility: Hosted PBX solutions offer a lot of flexibility regarding the features and your specific settings. Some agencies will give you more control over the features which you can configure as you like. But on premise PBX will give you complete authority to make whatever customizations you desire.

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Overall, both on-premise and hosted PBX solutions have certain benefits. However, for small businesses Hosted PBX solutions are more suited. Hope you can make an informed decision about what PBX service will be best for you now.

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