How To Make PoE Feel Smooth and Upping the Mechanical Skill Ceiling?

Posted by james bonds on April 18th, 2018

The following problems have bothered me for quite some time. These are issues other action games, and other action RPGs, specifically have sovled and there is no reason PoE can't, either. With the skill gem adjustment coming I felt this was a great time to address these problems. If you need poe orbs cheap in game, you can choose sale cheap poe currency.

Attack Aanimation Cancelling
Coming from Dota 2, animation cancelling is the biggest thing I miss. You know you're gonna die but you cannot react due to being locked in your animation. This is one of the reasons that high attack speed builds are more survivable, there are more opportunities to use your movement skills between attacks.

Also, the common requests of allowing us to disable name locking and enable stationary attack are things that really need to be introduced. I'm sick of moving onto a boss with a large hitbox when I try to avoid it.

Command Queuing
Queuing is the second part of why controls in PoE can feel awful sometimes. This is especially important in online games where pings can fluctuate wildly. Right, this is usually known as "command buffering", as opposed to "command queuing", as a queue denotes a series of actions as a queue is normally a "line", where a buffer denotes a single entity so is replaced instead. This is a great example of the type of action I'm referring to.

Some defensive skills and buffs need to be non-animation based.
Probably the most obvious of these are Vaal Buffs. Currently the animation is required for any of these skills to begin. However you want to use these skills in the heat of battle where the animation will slow down combat (aka kill you). Making the animation for these skills optional would help game flow.

As a result dodging also becomes much easier, which places more emphasis on player skill and reaction times, however it will decrease the player's reliance on item power and thereby impact the economy. It will also make boss fights much easier to complete in less tries, because dodging based on reaction time is actually a thing, making end game more accessible and their respective items less valuable.

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