Multi-Lingual Message System for Patients

Posted by Olovanderson on April 25th, 2018

The majority of medical practices across the country take into account the demographics of their geographical area including the ethnic groups that speak a language outside of English. In times of crisis or emergencies, most people revert back to that which is comfortable to them and in these cases the communication may be a language that the doctor is not familiar with from German, Spanish, Chinese and many others.

During the day when the office is open it is a good idea to have at least one individual on the staff role who can handle lingual challenges as they arise but what happens after the doors are closed and everyone has left for the day? Life continues to happen and emergencies are just as likely to take place in the middle of the night as they are at lunchtime. The best medical answering service has the solution in the form of the automated messaging system which can be customized to include prompts and directions in multiple languages. When considering which system to utilize this is an important feature to ask about to ensure that it satisfies a community need.

The best medical answering service options are those that do not restrict clients to a contract, have a flat fee so there is no worry about volume changes and a reliable way of identifying and routing urgent and non-urgent calls as needed. Patients who call in can opt to hear the information in English or another language which not only gives the impression that they are valued but can also decrease some of the stress they are feeling because they have the ability to share information in a way that they are comfortable with. This may seem like a small gesture but during times of stress this one feature can make a significant difference. Non-urgent messages are routed per the agreement to the designated individuals who can review them during office hours and respond in a timely manner. Anything that is routed as urgent or an emergency gets an immediate callback from the physician while still protecting his privacy through number blocking. Situations are handled in a professional manner and avoid the potential of a human message taker violating HIPAA privacy laws, having a ‘bad’ night or conveying the message incorrectly due to language barriers or a misunderstanding of what was said. Automated systems when operated by the best medical answering service are very useful tools and a resource that no health facility should be without regardless of how big or small, number of doctors or budget-constrained they are.

The ‘flat rate’ fee approach ensures that the cost is known every month with no hidden fees or last-minute charges tacked on that would upset the client. Doctors often know their community better than anyone due to the number of patients they see on a regular basis and connecting with every individual on their level with the best medical answering service is just one more way to show how much patients are valued and cared for even outside of the examination room.

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