How to find out best probiotic supplement?

Posted by syed on May 11th, 2018

Probiotics also are known as the ‘good bacteria’ have become quite popular over the past few years. This is because most doctors have prescribed them to their patients. It is until recently when people have started including these great supplements in their daily diets. Some of the positive feedback received from people using these supplements is that they have noted a great improvement in their overall health.  So what are Probiotics? They are live bacteria and yeast that live in a human’s body and helps in keeping the gut healthy. They assist in keeping your digestive system running smoothly by killing harmful pathogens and producing vitamins which aid in the digestion of food.  It is advisable to know benefits of different Probiotics strains to determine the best Probiotics for you. Here is how to determine the best probiotic for you;

A Wide Variety of Strains

It is essential to ensure that the Probiotics contain at least ten strains. This is because the specific strain comes after thorough research and they also serve the documented purpose. Research shows that the best probiotics supplement will include the following strains;

L. acidophilus-research shows that it supports nutrients absorption and the digestion of dairy foods.

B. longum- it helps in maintaining the integrity of the gut wall.

B. bifidum- helps in the breakdown of complex starch, proteins, and fats into smaller components which the body can use more efficiently. 

Product Delivery and Packaging


Product delivery means the form in which the probiotic is created. It also says that if the packaging will enable the bacteria to remain alive and healthy. Therefore it is critical to ensure that the probiotic supplements use a high delivery system which provides most bacteria will reach your intestine alive. Also, check to confirm the packaging of the product because these are living organisms, and their health can be affected by the environment.

Colony Forming Units


Colony forming units (CFU) means the total number of all the bacteria in the probiotic. It is vital to ensure that your doctor gives you the right supplements so that you can rebalance your gut which is between ten to fifteen billion colony forming units. Ensure that you take the correct amount of bacteria because probiotics are only useful in adequate amounts. It is important to note that, in order for you to achieve the digestive and immune health benefits that Probiotics can offer, take the right number of CFU.

No Chemicals or Filling


Chemicals and filters have a negative impact on your body. The Probiotics supplement manufacturers tend to add filters and chemicals to their supplements’ to make the product more attractive, easy to swallow and quick to manufacture. Additives and filters are very harmful to human bodies whether on processed foods or probiotics supplements. Probiotics are believed to survive and grow better on natural sugars and fiber found in plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, and grains. Using Probiotics with filters and chemicals can lead to disorders like small intestine bacterial overgrowth, irritable bowel syndrome, and inflammatory bowel disease.

Company’s Reputation and the Customers Reviews

Supplements manufacturer differ from each other, and this makes some companies better than others. To choose the best probiotic, look for a company with a genuine interest in improving your health. And because most of the Probiotics are bought online, ensure that you check out the company’s website. Read all the information given plus the customer reviews which will enlighten you more on the product. The reports are feedback from clients who have used the products.

Customer Service and the Return Policy

Finally, it is crucial to always insist on a money-back guarantee for any supplement you take which includes Probiotics. You do not want to waste your time arguing with a company which does not want to refund your money after their product has not worked. Most companies that genuinely believe in their products will stand by them and if not take that as a red flag.


As a result, food companies have added the Probiotics on various products while promoting them to consumers thus the rapid market growth. In the market, the Probiotics are associated with fermented dairy foods. Such dairy products with Probiotics alter the host by advancing the survival and fix itself on live microbial dietary supplements found in the gut system. More and more research is being conducted on the benefits of using Probiotics, their effects and the mechanism likely to vary from one probiotic organism to another.

Probiotics are useful in; improvement of intestinal health, reduction of serum cholesterol, enhancement of the immune system and cancer prevention. These health properties are strain specific which is mostly impacted by different mechanisms. Therefore it is important to note all the importance of various Probiotics so that you can know the health benefits attached to each.

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