5 Reasons to Go With Aseptic Packaging

Posted by mark taylor on May 14th, 2018

Aseptic packaging (like Tetra Pak Aseptic) a method that uses most modern sterilization processes to increase the product shelf-life. It allows the food manufacturers to meet consumer demands for safe products. Here are few reasons to go with it:

1. Refrigeration Not Required

With it manufacturers are able to store and manage a wide range of products with any need for refrigeration.  It also allows manufacturers to extend their customer base. So whether they are retailers, foodservice entities which lack sufficient refrigerated storage. It also benefits that take more time for shipping of the product.

2. Increases Shelf Life of Product

If you are a manufacturer of the product that has a lesser shelf life, then you may go for aseptic packaging. It will increase the shelf life of the products by six to twelve months. What it means is that there is a significant reduction in the food waste at retailer and consumer level as well.  As a manufacturer, you have all the time to ship and sell the product well before its expiry date. It means that losses are avoided to a large extent.

3. You Don’t Have To Use Preservatives

In traditional processing and packaging methods, you need to add preservatives. But aseptic packaging doesn’t need it. A big advantage of this to manufacturers is that they can offer products with a clean and simple ingredient list that consumers demand while meeting their own need for shipping and storage of products. So now the products have cleaner labels. It affects the off-take of the product in malls where the consumers have all the time to see if the product has added chemicals or preservatives. Aseptic cartons are a big hit here.

4. Doesn’t Affect Product Quality

As this packaging involves gentler processing at far lower temperatures as compared to the traditional hot fill and retort processing so the product quality is not much affected. In fact, the product flavor, textures, appearance and health benefits none are affected. Furthermore, the packaging time is also lesser so the manufacturers have all the time to produce them in large quantities and quickly take them to the market.

5. Compact Packaging

As this packaging tends to be lighter so the shipping costs are also reduced to a large extent.

In The End

Tetra pack aseptic packaging has is better so it makes more sense to go with it.

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