How Does the Marijuana Affect the Brain

Posted by John Zeller on May 17th, 2018

How does marijuana affect the brain? This is an interesting and very debated issue over the years, which has been debated in the discussions about the benefits and damages of the mild drug. A student from Leiden University in the Netherlands has made an enlightening video for the Brain Awareness video competition made by the Society of Neuroscience in 2013.

Marijuana as a herb comes from the leaves of the cannabis plant. Famous people who have used or used cannabis include Pythagoras, Joan of Arc, Queen Victoria, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Nowadays, marijuana is widely known as a stimulant. That is why Roeland is determined to find people who can tell him everything about him ... And what is the best place for such a study if not the capital of marijuana: Amsterdam.

The student stops casual people on the streets of the Dutch capital and asks them a simple question: "Can you describe how you usually feel after smoking marijuana?"

Most respond in a similar way. They either feel relaxed and relaxed, or are very hungry, or everything is terribly ridiculous.

Exactly. But the eyes turn red, the heart beats faster, the thoughts are flowing somewhere or nowhere, and one can no longer rely on their memory.

To be sure of the results of his study, Roeland finds some volunteers and makes two tests with them. The first is related to short-term memory, and it must store 6 digits in 30 seconds. The second is related to the motor skills - throwing a ball. Tests are done twice - before and after volunteers have smoked marijuana.

In the first test, everyone is doing very well, even brilliantly, as well as the second one. Still, the tasks are quite elementary, but will the participants deal after they are clogged? Turns out not. It's hard to remember the numbers, and the ball you throw often falls to the ground. But why does this happen?

Roeland explains in detail what is really going on with our brains when we smoke marijuana.

The cannabis component that causes the clogging effect is called delta-nine-tetrahydrocannabinol, or the more simply-THC. So, what does it do?

The small cells in our brain are called "neurons". They process the information in the brain, releasing chemicals called nontransmitters and transmitting it along the chain. This information is then transferred to the cell of the axons from where the signal continues to move along the chain. The end of the neurons is the place where the magic happens.

Although it sounds simple, these signals work in sync, turning into milliseconds in complex configurations that go through the brain. This happens every time we think, breathe or move.

And what happens in the brain when we smoke marijuana?

In fact, cannabis contains molecules that are very similar to those formed in the human brain - the so-called cannabinoids. Although the cannabinoids in the brain are circulating in very small quantities compared to those released from marijuana smoking.

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