The Effectiveness of Detox Tea in Detoxification

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The plain truth about the cleansing power of Detox Tea People might get wary if they happen to hear of any trend that talks about using drinks for detoxification. Everybody now knows that it is impossible for liquid diets to make human bodies remain active for long. In fact, according to the drinks celebrities, liquid diets contain very little detoxifying powers. But the tea detox is considered a gentler approach towards detoxification, probably because instead of the entire replacement of the meals you are used to taking, you are just required to add just a few herbal cups to your diet. But the idea about detox tea weight loss has been there for years now, as before getting wedded in 2007, Giuliana Rancic used it and ended up shedding seven pounds. Kendal Jenner, on her side, attributed her tea addiction to her current runway-ready figure. Kendal says that a day never goes without her taking a dozen cups detox tea blended with lemongrass.

But what are the detox tea benefits?

Tea is reported to have numerous health benefits in almost all human dimensions. In 2013, the Dutch, Italian and American researchers conducted a study and the findings were that tea plays a very critical role in lowering the risks of various diseases such as Stroke and heart diseases. It also reduces the risk of hypertension, boosts one's performance; both mood and mental, boosting one's energy as well as assisting in detox tea weight loss. But as for detoxification, it is reported that no drink is good enough to perform the job. According to Manuel Villacorta, RD, who has authored Whole Body Reboot: The Peruvian Superfoods Diet to Detoxify, Energize, and Supercharge Fat Loss, there is no single variety of food or herb or even any other remedy is good enough to cure any disease or detox the body. This explains the reason to why one should hold off before going for that activated charcoal in an attempt to detoxify the body.

Tea companies claim that their detox teas are the perfect options for human cells purification, but they lack evidence to support their claims. However, according to Laura Laganoa holistic nutritionist based in New Jersey, taking quality teas supports in the detoxification process, just as any other food or drink can do. For instance, there are the black and green teas which contain a high content of antioxidants. These antioxidants are the ones that equip them with detoxification powers. Villacorta says that the role of the antioxidants is to reduce free radicals and oxidative stress in the human body. He also adds that too much of the oxidative stress and free radicals subject one to chronic inflammation, and mutating the DNA strains, which can, in turn, lead to chronic diseases such as Cancer.

Detox teas Green and black teas work effectively while in their own pure form. The question is, what is the hidden secret in those tea bags that have been branded for pure detoxification? According to Villacorta, there are some specific detox tea benefits to add to the additional ingredients. Herbs such as ginger, milk thistle, lemongrass, and dandelion all contain properties that support liver health, and the liver is one of the key organs responsible for natural detoxification. It has also been proven that ginger, on its own side helps the liver perform its detoxifying work more efficiently by alleviating the oxidative stress within the organ. The only thing that one needs to be keener about in the detox tea is senna, which is the common ingredient and herbal laxative. Villacorta explains that one of the main parts of detoxification is cleansing the intestines, which is mainly supported by senna. But he also says that long-term consumption of senna can make the user vomit, diarrhea, have electrolyte imbalance and be dehydrated. He recommends that one should stick to senna-free varieties if such effects are observed.

Getting the healthiest detox tea benefits - the two nutritionists agree that tea can actually have cleansing benefits, especially if taken when one wakes up and before retiring to bed in the evening. However, the tea works according to the variety chosen, as each variety may have different results. Lagano says that the tea fanatics are to take just a few cups a day, but those who are not sensitive to caffeine can take 5-7 cups a day without any adverse effects. But the best detox tea is not the key factor to be considered if one decides to try a tea detox. The noble factor, according to Lagano, is the other meals one eats. He adds that tea can only have the medicinal and detoxification value if the meal one takes is good for the body. One should reduce the intake of fried and processed foods and take more vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, whole grains and anti-inflammatory fats such as almonds and avocado. Taking clean and gentle diet is what makes detox teas work efficiently in the body.

Now, what are actually the best detox tea?

Lagano and Villacorta recommend the following four best detox teas varieties. Motivational tea Every tea bag of this Yogi Tea variety contains inspirational messages in addition to dandelion and burdock that helps the liver as well as enhancing kidney function. This Yogi Detox goes for at

Dandelion tea Dandelion enhances liver function by getting rid of toxins and reestablishing hydration and electrolyte balance. The Detox Dandelion goes for at

Lemon Jasmine Green Tea

This Detox Tea contains mint and chamomile that calms the system. According to Villacorta, it is good to take a cup of it just before going to bed. It also has plenty of Vitamin C that means that it is high in antioxidants. With , one can get Lemon Jasmine Green Tea from

Lemon or ginger tea

Among the health benefits of this tea is that it controls the blood sugar in addition to reducing inflammation. It is also great because its light caffeine content will make one wake up in the morning without feeling any wreaking havoc on the stomach. With , one can have it from

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