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Fractures: - Types, causes, symptoms, and treatment

A fracture or a broken bone is usually caused by a severe blow to the bone due to an accident or falling etc or due to the fragility of the bone due to many health reasons. Crack, break and fracture all means the same, the amount of destruction does not matter. If the bone suffers any injury whether less or more, it is supposed to undergo treatment resulting in the fracture or broken bone.

Types of fractures

  1. Avulsion fracture: A bone is pulled on by a muscle or a ligament causing it to fracture.


  1. Closed fracture: Breaking of a bone that does not cause damage to the surrounding tissue or tears through the skin.


  1. Compound/Open fracture: The one that tears the skin or penetrates through it.


  1. Comminuted fracture: The bone is shattered into many pieces.


  1. Hairline fracture: Partial or very little crack in the bone, sometimes harder to detect with routine x-rays.


  1. Spiral fracture: Where at least one part of the bone has been twisted.


   A bone fracture can be caused by many factors; the most common of them all is by falling or getting in an accident. As a person ages, he becomes more prone to getting fractured because of the two reasons: higher risk of falling weakened bones due to the age.

Children who are involved in more physical and playful activities than adults are also at a greater risk of getting a fractured bone.

Symptoms and treatment

The symptoms of a fracture are mostly visible or felt by the patient suffering from it. But sometimes the fracture can be very minute and couldn’t be easily recognized. So here are some common symptoms mentioned below:

  • Pain, Swelling and bruising
  • The discolored skin around the affected area
  • The affected area may be bent at an unusual angle
  • Unable to move the affected area.
  • Bleeding in case of an open fracture

 A doctor will carry out the diagnosis; check symptoms take an x-ray and can ask the patient about the cause of the injury. Visit Urgent Care Berkeley Heights if you have any symptoms related to the fracture and get a fast and proper care. The doctors keep in mind to connect the bones and then make the affected area immobile as mobility of the affected area can cause more problems and the bone fracture couldn’t be healed. To immobilize the doctor could perform several methods as:

  • Plaster cast or plastic functional braces.
  • Metal plates and Screws.
  • Intra-medullary nails
  • External Fixators.

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