Why You Should Buy Your Next Countertops in Quartz

Posted by devs harma on May 23rd, 2018

Quartz countertops are made with engineered stone. Quartz used as a countertop is actually fairly new, but it have many great qualities in order for many home and business owners to fall in love with this material. Quartz is just like granite in some ways, but they have many more benefits and fewer detriments.

What results is a hard, sleek material that can be made in any color.
If you are dreaming of a nice lobby space or receptionist area with classy looking countertops made of granite or marble, you can also look into quartz countertops instead, as they require less maintenance and do not spread or carry bacteria around.
Allow us to explain the benefits of quartz countertops in greater detail.
Quartz can come in a variety of colors.
The quartz stone is generally clear in color, but it can be manufactured to be in any color of the rainbow. Think of any color, and you can get a counter in that color: White, black, blue, tan, purple, mint green, or anything else. Quartz can also be made to have textures, speckles, stripes, and other natural designs like granite and marble does. Even though quartz is engineered and is artificial in color, it still looks classy and sophisticated, so consider one of the top interior design companies in UAE to provide you with a new quartz countertop for your commercial building.
Quartz is as durable as other stones.
While quartz countertops are engineered, it can be made to be just as strong as stone products such as granite and marble. The fact that quartz is manufactured, though, gives it one advantage over natural stone, and that is that quartz is less likely to crack or chip over time. Since quartz is professionally manufactured to perfection, it starts out flawless and is not slightly aged like marble and granite tend to be when installed. Consult with the top interior design companies in UAE to discuss the possibilities of using quartz in your building.
Quartz is not porous.
Quartz is a material that is sleek as any other hard countertop surface: it is not porous, and will not stain as easily like porous materials do. While you still would like to maintain your commercial building well, you will find it much easier to keep your counter spotless. If you spill a liquid or get dirt stains on top of a quartz counter, nothing will stick, and everything will absorb into cleaning materials. To put it simply, quartz is very easy to clean and will not turn away any clients or visitors.
Quartz is resistant to bacteria.
You know how much you cannot afford to have employees leave your business because they are sick. And even when some employees do decide to keep working, their production levels take a hit because their instincts slow down and they fail to properly focus on the job at hand. Quartz can help prevent disease in this regard, as its nonporous nature allows it to not have any harmful bacteria on its sleek surface. Quartz is not like carpeting or wood; these countertops only need touch up cleaning, as deep cleaning is not necessary to remove any and all harmful bacteria that could reach many employees.
The one thing that quartz cannot tolerate, however, is extreme heat. If you have quartz countertops in a kitchen setting, do not place hot pots or pans directly on the counter, as the material may get damaged.
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