War Poem - Tear Of A Child

Posted by Arcane Manuscripts on June 7th, 2018

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My advent into ‘Poiesis’ was with the spontaneous overflow of emotions within me. Arcane Manuscripts was an initiation to the various appreciations I got from friends who felt the depth in my apocryphal writings. My passion towards music influenced me in my scrawls to figure real truths rather than perceived morals. Arcane Manuscripts will be a reality you can connect with evoking emotive and intense responses.

About the poem
Tear of a child is my perspective of how these wars are affecting people and kids in that area. These are the people who are suffering, who lost everything for something they don’t even understand. Who was part of a fight they never started, yet they are the ones that lose everything.

I do not know when mom will return
I wait here for the promise that I was given
I am waiting for my food
I hear people crying
And I can’t go outside as I’m alone

I hear the thunder of jets
The sound of bombs hitting the ground
I am really afraid as to what I should do
I really think I should go out
But I can’t break the promise I gave

I feel the hunger rising
And the pain of my bleeding legs
I have been waiting for 3 days now
I really wonder why mom hasn’t returned

Now I know…
I see my mom dressed in white
I see her smiling at me
Oh, how I wish!
Wish I could join her soon
Just like she has joined with dad and my brother
I only wish to die
Only then I will be saved from this hell

This is war poem I have written, thank you for taking your time out to read the poem. I hope you really liked this poem. Please leave your valuable feedback below in the comment section to know how you feel about the poem. Even if there are any suggestions for me on how I could have improved please share that as well as I am happy to get your comments work on it and make my work even better in future. Once again thank you for time and support for this poem. Thank you and have a great day.

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