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Recirculating Aquaculture System& PVC Canvas Collapsible Fish Farming Tank

Posted by zlmaterial on June 12th, 2018

Recirculating Aquaculture System

It is a new type of aquacluture farming mode. After a series of water treatment processes, the wastewater generated in the aquaculture pond is treated and recycled again. The main principle of RAS is to integrate advanced technologies such as environmental engineering, civil engineering, modern biology, and electronic information, etc. to remove residual baits and feces, ammonia nitrogen (TAN), and nitrite nitrogen (NO2–N) from aquaculture water bodies, purify the aquaculture environment and other harmful contaminants, physical filtration, biological filtration, removal of CO2, disinfection, aeration, temperature adjustment, etc., and input the purified water body into aquaculture ponds again. It not only can solve the problem of low utilization rate of water resources, but also can provide a stable, reliable, comfortable and high-quality living environment for aquaculture organisms, and provides favorable conditions for high-density aquaculture.

Process of RAS

Aquaculture water bodies- Physical filtration- biological filtration –

Terminal water quality optimization- Aquaculture pool


Recirculating Aquaculture System Overview

  1. Aquaculture ponds: hatching ponds, nursery ponds, and aquaculture ponds.
  2. Physical filtration: Pre-drainage device; Diversion sewage collection device.

Precipitation: sedimentation tank, inclined plate sedimentation device, vertical sedimentation device, cyclone sedimentation device.

Sand filter: sand filter, sand filter tank, activated sand filter. Curved screen.

Microfiltration machine: all plastic micro filter, spin micro filter, intelligent micro filter, adjustable micro filter, micro micro filter, stainless steel micro filter.

Filters: band filters, bag filters, membrane filters, pressure filters.

Carbon dioxide remover:

Protein Separator: Effluent Protein Separator; Inner Drain Protein Separator; Overflow; Dissolved Gas Releaser.

Heavy metal (iron, manganese) removal equipment and activated carbon linkage process remover:

  1. Biofiltration: Moving bed bioreactor: trickle filter; biological carousel: immersed filter; biological bypass reactor; bio-flocculation purifier; integrated physicochemical/biochemical device. Bamboo Ring Filler; Bamboo Ball Filler; Bamboo Filler; Suspended Filler; Filter Bar Filler; Multi-faced Hollow Ball Filler; Glass Ring Filler; Stereo-flexible Filler; Comet Star Fiber Filter; Asymmetric Fiber Filler.
  2. Sterilization: Ozone system. Closed UV sterilizer: manual cleaning of UV sterilizer, pneumatic cleaning UV sterilizer, mechanical cleaning UV sterilizer, self-cleaning UV sterilizer. Open UV sterilizer; open canal UV sterilizer. Air UV sterilizer.
  3. Oxygenation, Oxygen Oxygenation: Low Pressure Oxygen Mixer; Jet Oxygen Mixer; Turbulent Oxygen Mixer; Pressure Oxygenation; Oxygen Cone; Aerolite; Oxygen Intensifier; Oxygen Recovery Device. PSA oxygen generator; liquid oxygen; oxygen source filter.图片3
  4. Temperature control system: temperature monitoring; heat source: geothermal; solar energy; electricity; coal, waste heat. Heat exchangers, heating and cooling machines, heat pumps, boilers.
  5. Monitoring system: PH monitoring; dissolved oxygen monitoring; water level alarm; salinity monitoring; Distribution System.

Computer Management and Networking System. Remote wireless control system. Video surveillance.

  1. Feeding system: automatic feeding bait bait monitoring system.
  2. Electronic measurement: Automatic weighing. Automatic sorting. RFID Radio Frequency Identification System

Foldable PVC Canvas Fish Farming Tank

Zhonglian foldable fish farming tank are suitable for Recirculating Aquaculture System. It’s Ideal for large scale fish farming investments/projects in open fields, and high degree of customization to suit a variety of farming projects. At the same time, as it can easily be removed and carried to another location, thereby making it ideal for tenants.

  • Tough and light weight with high tensile strength
  • Non-toxic and non-corrosive to water and fishes
  • UV-stabilizedto withstand extreme weather events
  • Foldable, quicker and easier to set up and transport
  • Low height gives you easy access to watch the fishes
  • Light colours to make it easier to see the fishes, but also beautify your farm
  • Bespoke applications in any size, shape or fitting to order against drawings


Foldable fish tank for fish farm,shrimp, prawn, koi and aquarium, etc.


PVC coated polyester fabric is a tough, flexible material with good abrasion, weathering and ozone resistance.  Zhonglian have the capability to fabricate a wide range of sealed, welded  products by using this material.

 Other Products

Other products:

PVC flexible water storage bladder tank for sale for water transportation, storage, irrigating, loading test, etc

PVC canvas above ground fish farming tank for indoor and outdoor using

PVC tarpaulin rainwater harvesting tank

PVC fabric rainwater barrel for garden using, water storage

PVC above ground steel metal frame swimming pool

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