Deep web vs Dark web? All you need to know

Posted by Newslat on June 21st, 2018

The Internet is detrimental and dark, and most of us know about it. So, why the world is all about the Internet? Why everyone you see cannot live without the Internet? Why is it that even a 12-year-old kid wants to use the Internet just like everybody else? Chances are most of us do not know about the other side of the Internet. I don't want to sound dramatic here, but, the World Wide Web has a component called the Dark web. I guess many got the idea of what the dark web is? However, the internet has three components, i.e., Public web, dark web and deep web. Now, a public web is information that you'd find easily on search engines. The deep web is information that is not indexed and crawled by the search engines. Lastly, the dark web is information that cannot be accessed by a normal internet browser.
The term deep web was coined by Michael k Bergman as search indexing term in 2001. The reason behind not indexing the deep web is many. The contents could be proprietary or contents accessible to only VPN members, or the content is commercial only accessible by someone who has paid a fee.
However, many interchange the concept of the deep web vs dark web. The concept is quite similar but possesses some significant differences. The difference between deep web and dark web is that deep web is that the deep web is information on the internet that you can't bring up with Google or any search engines including private social media profiles to medical and business databases can be found on the internet. Although it's impossible to find out how big the deep web is. It's been estimated that 99% of content stored on the internet is part of the deep web.
Unlike the deep web, sites on the dark web are often accessible by the public. However, for accessing such websites on the dark web, you'd need special software that anonymizes your identity and encrypts your connection in some way. The software that is used for accessing the dark web is known as Tor. It may sound eerie, but the software was developed by the US Navy to protect military data. Even though the software is used in abundance by the dark web users, it can be used for some nobler work as well. The software can be used to protect the human rights activists, anti-democratic people with fringe political views or people from mainstream hiding from whistleblowers or abusers.
The difference between deep web and dark web is simple. One only has to dig deep to understand the theory behind the deep web vs dark web.
However, many wander around with a question in their mind- is the dark web illegal?
Well, if you're only browsing the dark web, it is not illegal, but if you're browsing the dark web to buy something, knowing the fact that it is a crime then yes, you are doing a crime.

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