Blue Grotto new work "A: IR" live demo support 20V20 air war camp

Posted by baby on July 5th, 2018

By "chicken" (Jedi survive) the fame of Korean game studio Blue Hole (Bluehole Studio) showcased its new MMORPG tour in G-star2017 held this coming year in "A: IR". "A: IR" (Ascent: infinite Realm) is often a steam punk style fantasy MMORPG with portions of the models, the key feature on the game is usually to ride flying mounts fierce air battle along with large-scale war camp (RVR).

The air combat game content larger proportion, therefore, comes with a variety of combat equipment needed for your players, flying sailing, jet backpack and flying clothes and many others. In addition, you can Tera Items also use Marine marine machinery mount "magic A machine" for your war.

The gunmen open demo (Gunner), Warrior (Warlord), witch (Sorceress), Assassin (Assassin), the magician (Mystic, provisional translation) to have an initial five career and so forth. Gunmen attack power and choice of obvious advantages; the soldiers defense full point, the classic human shields occupation; witch is great at long-range attack and crit; assassin attack is fairly weak, but high attack speed and crit rate; God hermit was assisted career, an online attacker.

Hanbok "A: IR" will likely be held December 13 to December 17 to the first time packaging and testing, this exhibition also led warm-up test.

"A: IR" by former NCsoft "Aion" Kim Hyung Jun as art director producer project, associates have been involved with development work, "Aion", "ancient Century" and "TERA" along with games. Currently the game has confirmed are going to be listed in Japan, Korea, North America and Europe. Which, Kakao Games are going to be Tera XBOX Items responsible for "Project W" in North America and Europe issue, the Japanese side are going to be responsible for your operation of GameOn.

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