Why Should You Buy Yellow Sapphire online?

Posted by Shrikant Sharma on July 12th, 2018

Who doesn't wants to gift an alluring yellow stone to his wife as a present which is labeled as one of the beautiful creations of nature and ready to be worn on the index finger of your hand? Recognised as the most precious jewel in Vedic astrology, it brings peace and prosperity.

Pukhraj is considered an ideal choice for Meen (Pisces) and Dhanu (Saggitarius) Rashis. The Indian Astrology experts claim that yellow sapphire is associated with Jupiter, the largest of all the planets in our solar system. It is not only popular among Indian horoscopist but the Western world is also not left untouched by its magic wand. Western Astrology recommends the yellow stone for Saggitarius. This marvel can also be worn by Aries, Cancer, Leo, and Scorpio.

It originates from Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Australia. Ceylonese Yellow Sapphire is the most favored for its transparency. Pukhraj stone tint comes in a range. Bright golden yellow, green and orange hues are irresistible. Yet bright yellow or lemon is the favorite of buyers both astrologically and aesthetically. It belongs to mineral family Corundum. It is especially a center of attraction for people seeking relief from diseases. Many students and adults looking for career success wear it.

Get The Best Yellow Sapphire Online

Its market value is measured in Ratti, which is a unit of measurement evaluated using Ratti seeds. The price of large stones is more because they are rare in nature than stones of smaller size. If you are a yellow sapphire investor learn beforehand some recognition points prior to buying yellow sapphire online. Hardness factor makes it less vulnerable to scratches on its surface. Certification should be the foremost consideration of the buyer. The certificate is issued from a Government lab which is given along with the stone to the purchaser.

Secondly, one should be well informed about the treatments given to a yellow sapphire before you bring it home. Heat treatments are one thing that is given to improve the quality, colour, and purity of the stone. Buy an unheated yellow sapphire for better results.

Do not pay for other kinds of treatments applied to the gem but pay only for the yellow stone. Online market for yellow sapphires advises comparing yellow Pukhraj with glass to know whether it's a real one or not. Also, a natural yellow sapphire should be devoid of bubble-like inclusions. The inclusions are generally invisible to the naked eye. X sign should not be present at the back of the stone and a hole is supposed to be present if impurities were added to it since it is not possible to obtain a pure yellow sapphire.

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