Overseas education loan: Your ticket to fly to your dream university abroad?

Posted by anayashroff2 on August 6th, 2018

Taking a foreign degree is the dream of many aspirants in India. However, higher studies are way too expensive in a foreign nation and at times parents have to sell their jewelry, a piece of land or break retirement fund, etc. to finance their child's dream. However, you still cannot assure that the amount would be sufficient to meet the expenses. However, things have not changed a lot and most leading banks and private finance companies are offering overseas education loan to fulfill your wish to complete higher education in your dream university.

Private finance firms are keen on offering customized solutions to the applicants. In fact, they emphasize on designing their study loan keeping your requirements in mind. They give overseaseducation loan that is pre-empting, tailored and caters to every financial problem of yours. Your study loan will cover your tuition, books, laptops, hostel fees, study materials, and other living expenses. Thus, it’s designed to take complete care of your finances and you focus on the betterment of your life in at the crucial stage.

While studying in foreign university you will have to show sufficient proof of funds, failing which you won't be able to visit abroad for higher education in spite of securing an admission. This could be a big blow to your mind and a setback to your career. Relax! Private finance firm, therefore, believes in offering customized solutions such as from securing pre-admission loans to providing pre-visa disbursement loan. There is fast-track overseas education loan which will expedite your admission process and documents that certify availability-of-funds as per your requirement (for the USA).

Since these loans are offered to students the interest rates are substantially low such as around 12.75 to 13% with a nominal processing fee of around 1-2% on the loan amount. While availing loan there are many doubts in the minds of students and parents so let us try to resolve one by one

Figure out the total amount

Before applying for an overseas education loan, it’s important to figure out the exact amount you would require. It’s because if you take more its only you who would end up paying extra towards EMIs/ One has to consider tuition fees, hostel, and accommodation, travel costs (to a certain extent), study materials, study tour costs, etc. before deciding the loan amount.

Choose lender

Now you know the figure that you wish to avail, contact lenders to take an opinion. It would be wise to choose the ones who are near to your place of residence at it would make the process rather smooth and quick. Because of the stiff competition, private lenders are keen on offering lucrative interest rate deals, so it’s better to visit online, compare interest rates, flexi-repayment options and then zero in on particular lender.

Loan Approval

There are certain parameters based on which lenders will evaluate the loan amount. These are your academic score, course, and its job prospect, country you wish to study and currency strength, parents/guardian credit score, and lastly the collaterals security like an apartment, flat, non-agricultural land or fixed deposit, insurance policy or investment fund to support the loan.

Loan Repayment

For repayment lenders have come up with flexible payment options such as EMI payment course, Interest servicing during course & partial interest servicing during course, EMI repayment Post-Holiday /Moratorium period and Step Up repayment facility.  You can see which options fit best as per your risk appetite and earning capacity and choose the preferred one. Experts say it would be wise to opt for a part-time job in a foreign nation and repay your interest rates from abroad as it will significantly bring down the costs of your overseas education loan.

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