8 Things we hate about Summer - Strong summer perfumes for women top this list

Posted by mukesh yadav on August 10th, 2018

The ideal imagery that should flash before your eyes when we say, “Summer” could be of golden harvest gently swaying in an air filled with earthy fragrances, etc. But when reality strikes, you know there’s a list of things about summer that you cringe at! Like travelling in Mumbai, perspiring people, strong summer perfumes for women that arepossiblymind numbing and what not! We’re sharing a list of such things with some potential solutions that could help you escape this scorching summer’s problems.

1. Sitting in Cars equals Sitting in an Oven: While the walk from your Apartment/Office to your car is like a rush hour movie scene, all the action begins after you’ve got in. Because right now your car feels like a pre-baked oven that’s ready to make you its Hot Cross Buns! Plus if you hate that warm leather & car smell of a blazing car, we suggest you use some Naughty Girl Touch Perfume before getting in. This will let the subtle yet effective aroma neutralize all the car smells instantly. 

2. Parking your vehicle takes longer: If you’ve been through Point 2, you know why parking’s a task. Finding a nice cool spot with some shade in a Metro city can be time consuming & physically draining. Which could also mean you need to step out at least 10 mins prior than your usual schedule just for this Car/Bike parking adventure!                                        

3. Every room feels too hot when you step in: When the journey to reaching your office feels never-ending, all you need after reaching is some cool, calm composure. But that’s hard to achieve when it’s like a 100 Degrees in! And after you’ve had a very demanding day & have successfully “not punched” anyone throughout, you reach home & there’s the hot déjà vu feeling. Don’t you agree that it effectively takes 15 mins to settle in at your office/home during summer? Share your thoughts with us.

4. Frizzy hair: Your hair magically transforms when it’s summer, or winter or rainy season! But yeah, summers are the worst ‘coz you can’t even leave your hair open. And the pain of keeping them tied up in a bun all day long is just exposure to excruciating pain. This eventually leads to you having a bad hair day. Right? We’d recommend you to hydrate well & wear some nice perfume. Because when you smell good it’ll at least tone down the ‘ridicule’ level. Got any bad hair day stories? Drop a comment.

5. Fridays are longer: You deserve a medal for rallying through an obstacle course of the working week, Monday Blues, Wacky Wednesdays & Thursday Throwbacks! Then comes Friday as bait for the weekend feels, dangling in front of your eyes. But wait, the Friday bait dangles a bit too long as these summer days are longer & simply increases your buffering phase like an online video.

6. Skin tans & Skin burn: A nice cooling dip in the pool leaves you with rewards like tans in all the weird places & then there’s those skin burns too. No matter how much sunscreen you’ve applied these Summer skin evils are inevitable. And when the skin peels off, it’s a big ouch! We’d rather suggest that you avoid spraying any body spray before or after taking a dip. But if you’re stubborn & love perfumes too much, check out our Naughty Girl Summer Perfume 135 ML.

7. Weight gain due to drinking too much water: This happens when your body retains water instead of utilizing & later excreting it. So if you’re experiencing water retention, we’d suggest you talk to your doctor as it could be an indicator of kidney function problems.  

8. Words like Hot, Sizzling, Blazing, etc. irritate you. Yes!

So, our closing note is… Summers are testing times & you’re not alone in this, so try toning down; Grab a popsicle, spray on some heavenly Naughty Girl Charm Perfume & just continue hating summer. But yeah, maybe a bit lesser now. ;)

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